Thursday, 15 January 2015

#MeetTheBloggers - "Hope from a Butterfly"

Well, as per my Blogging Resolution to you, I'd like to introduce my first #MeetTheBloggers of the year! I'm delighted to say that there has been a fantastic response so much so that #MeetTheBloggers will be on the 1st and 15th of each month starting 1st February.

Drum Roll!!  

I'd like to introduce Grainne Reid of Hope from a Butterfly. I've known Grainne for some years and our journey to meeting began virtually! We met on the forum Rollercoaster when we were both trying to conceive. Between pregnancy tests, Wordfeud and Viber our friendship developed.
Together we've shared lots of moments both happy and sad and it is fantastic now that we can share our love of blogging. 

Meet Grainne & Hope from a Butterfly!

1. Why did you begin Blogging?

I am relatively new to the blogging world and only started my blog 
“Hope from a Butterfly” on 29th October 2014. I have always had a keen interest in writing and at one point had hoped to study journalism however I ended up in the Social Care profession instead. In recent years I have become a mother, however my journey to parenthood was somewhat of a challenging one with many fertility problems. My initial decision to open a blog was simply to share my story regarding overcoming the fertility issues. It is my hope that my story may encourage other couples encountering such difficulties to stay strong and remain hopeful. It was only after I had written and shared my first two blog pieces that I soon realised my love for writing had reignited and I hope to continue with my blog for quite some time to come.

2. Describe your blog style in five words

Uplifting, Positive, encouraging, reassuring, hopeful 

3. Have you any other blogs?

Just two weeks after I started Hope from a Butterfly, I was given the opportunity to become a “mummyblogger” for the well known Mummy Pages website. I have two published articles to date by Mummy Pages which can be found at, both of which focus on my journey to parenthood and I look forward to exploring and writing about other topics pertaining to motherhood in the coming months. 

4. What makes you follow / read other Blogs?

As I mentioned earlier, the blogging world is still somewhat new to me and I am thoroughly enjoying both getting to know fellow bloggers and their blogs. I initially began reading blogs so as to learn from other bloggers however I quickly discovered that I have become drawn to a number of blogs and am enjoying their posts. It is like a good book that you just cannot put down, when you start following a blog that is of interest to you, a style of writing that appeals to you and a story that you can relate to then it adds to the enjoyment of the read. As a Mother, I am particularly drawn to the parenting blogs as being a parent is one role that is forever changing, developing and constantly is a learning curve.

5. What would prevent you from following / reading another Blog? 

I have yet to discover anything that would prevent me from reading or following a blog. I am quite open to the various styles and approaches to blogging such as a diary style account, reviews, vlogs etc I am thoroughly enjoying discovering the world of blogging and all it has to offer.

7. Who would be your top three Blog recommendations?

Aside from Chirps from a Little Red Hen which I thoroughly recommend following I would recommend the following blogs:

LilliWhiteRose A Mother who shares her experiences on parenting but also excels in the realm of beauty blogging

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day –  A Mother who writes about a mixture of parenting, beauty and lifestyle in her blog

Little Hearts Big Love A Mother who writes about her experiences as a parent to two children, one of whom was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and also includes a mixture of general parenting posts, reviews and some creative writing also

8.What advice would you give to new bloggers?

As a new blogger myself I would offer the following advice to anyone thinking of starting a blog:
Don’t over think the process, if you have a desire to write and would like to start a blog then do so, simply follow your heart.Join blogger groups on social network sites such as Facebook and join in on blogger chats on twitter. Fellow bloggers are the experts and understand what it was like to start off, so join in on the chats and don’t be afraid to ask questions. In my short time blogging I have already befriended and chatted with numerous bloggers who have encouraged and helped me along the way.

9. A fun thing your readers don’t know about you?

As well as a love for writing, and being quite the chatterbox, I also have completed my full levels in Irish Sign Language, so I enjoy communicating in various forms. One fun thing my readers may not know is that I actually attended the Deaf Olympics ten years ago this month in Melbourne, Australia. This was such a fun and amazing experience. To see deaf communities from all over the world coming together and communicating in their various sign languages was simply amazing. I also travelled on to Adelaide and then to Sydney with my now husband, who proposed to me on the top of Sydney revolving restaurant on 27th January 2005. As you can guess, I said yes!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eimear from Chirps from a Little Red Hen for giving me this opportunity to share with you all on #MeettheBloggers and I wish her every continued success with her blog.

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