Sunday, 15 February 2015

#MeetTheBloggers - Catherina Hogan Wordsmith

Welcome to another #MeetTheBloggers!

Today I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Catherina Hogan of Wordsmith. The virtual word seems to have a common theme where I've met people lately. I met Catherina via 
Women's Inspire Network when I was seeking some wonderful people to join #MeetTheBloggers
While we've only met via the virtual world she has a great energy and attitude. I hope you enjoy meeting Catherina as much as I have!

Meet Catherine Hogan Wordsmith

1) Why did you begin Blogging?

I reluctantly started blogging in July last year (2014) after I finished a Creative Writing course with the lovely Carmel Harrington. She was the one that gave me the final push. Friends had been heckling me for a long time to do it, but I wasn’t really sure how to go about it. I’m good with words, not so great with technology!

2) Describe your blog style in five words

Hmmm- that’s a hard one. Especially for someone like me, who writes as much as I like to talk. Five words to give you a snapshot of the transition from brain to paper; Ok, I would say ‘Positive, uplifting, quirky, thoughtful, meanderings!’

3) Have you any other blogs?

No other blogs I’m afraid. I find it hard enough to keep up with the one I have. My blog has been neglected of late. Two children, a tom cat and writing my current novel keeps me busy. Work as well of course. Not enough hours in the day for a second blog; but I always have time to hop in to another blog to say hi! Im sure when the novel is published, I will get a blog on the go for that.

4) What makes you follow / read other Blogs?

I will follow and read Blogs when I feel the person is really engaging with me. As though, they are speaking to me from the screen. I also like blogs that are informative. I like to feel I am taking something away with me when I leave them. A well written blog doesn't necessarily mean really flowery language.

5) What would prevent you from following / reading another Blog?

Depends on the content really. If it were a Blog that didn’t match up with my values and ideas, I would steer clear of it. I have a bit of an issue with reviews on goods or services if that person is not properly placed to judge the thing in question. Negative comments about other people or situations don’t appeal to me, and finally, if I felt that a Blogger was trying to be too intelligent, just for the sake of it, I would run a mile. Be yourself is the key really.

6) Who would be your top three Blog recommendations?

Well- Chirps from a little Red Hen of course! I also love Carmel Harrington’s Blog page, she writes with such ease and never fails to make me smile (or cry for that matter!)

The third blog that I really enjoy belongs to another writer friend, Paul O’ Brien. He has written numerous plays and screen plays over the years, and has also completed a trilogy of books based on the underbelly of crime in Wrestling World in America in the 70’s. He is incredibly talented and his blog is hilarious. Paul is a real gentleman: definitely a name to watch out for.

Carmel can be found at (You can also get her books on Amazon) and Pauls blog is They are so talented, and I can’t covey in words how supportive they have been to me with my own novel over the last few months. They are really wonderful and fellow Wexfordians.

7) What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Just be yourself, and engage with people honestly. Don’t make the mistake I did at the beginning, grandiose claims that I would blog without fail every day. I didn’t, it put me under pressure, and for a while I didn’t go near it. Just go for it, and do what you love. If you want a perfect example of writing honestly and really engaging with readers (apart from my own blog of course ;)) check out

8) A fun thing your readers don’t know about you?

Jeepers; where do I start?!!. I am really quite clumsy, and I am forever losing my car keys; at least once every day. I actually drive myself bonkers. I’m incredibly organised with work but car keys and glasses; good luck, disaster!

I can also fan out my toes, like you can your fingers, a trait both my little boys inherited from me! I’m a real Foodie and a pretty good cook, and love having friends and family round for dinner. Keep an eye on my blog for really nice recipes that are a bit different- that’s the next plan anyway 

I'd like to thank Catherina for taking part in #MeetTheBloggers. To follow Catherina, just click on the links below!

Twitter: @kittycathogan


  1. Oh that's lovely to hear how you like writing and also how you got inspired (or was it pushed) to start your blog. Well done, xx

    1. Well done to Carmel for giving the final push ;-)