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#MeetTheBloggers - Dee-Termined to Glam and Glow

I'm quite excited about you meeting todays #MeetTheBlogger. Myself and Denise met on the Today Show last October for their 'Drop a Dress Size' Challenge. While we were both on and off air, we gave each other support through our journey and have since remained friends. I was often asked by members of the Today team if we knew each other beforehand as we got on so well.   

When Denise then began her own blog recently, I was delighted we had something else to share. 

Meet Denise Sweeney from Dee-Termined to Glam and Glow

Firstly can I just say a huge Thank You to Eimear from Chirps From A Little Red Hen. This is a fantastic idea and for me it is a great way of letting others know all about me and my blog so well done Eimear!!

1) Why did you begin Blogging?

I began my blog as a form of motivation for myself to lose weight following my participation on RTE’S The Today Show with Fit Man Fran. I wanted to keep going with the weight loss but needed some form of a “push”. Being on the TV show was hugely motivating because people tuned in each week to see how I was getting on and once it was all finished I found that I lost my motivation. I also wanted to speak about things that I am passionate about and enjoy so I thought that the blog would be a great way of allowing me to express myself!

2) Describe your blog style in five words

Light-hearted, Motivating, Honest, Real and Fun!!! 

3) Have you any other blogs?


4) What makes you follow / read other Blogs?

I like to read other blogs of similar interest to myself or if I see an article that catches my eye I’ll tend to follow that blog.

5) What would prevent you from following / reading another Blog?

I don’t like extreme negativity. That’s the only thing that would turn me off a blog but I have to say that I have not unfollowed a blog yet!

6) Who would be your top three Blog recommendations?

  • Chirps From A Little Red Hen (Of Course) Eimear has a fantastic blog and her posts are always a great read!
  • Make My Day: This is a great new blog by a beautiful newlywed called Annie Edwards. She is a very creative person and wanted to share her tips and tricks. She is so creative and put so much effort into her own wedding so she felt that this would be a great outlet for her! 
  • Mentally Beautiful: I like Cat’s honest approach when blogging. I love that she speaks so openly about her experiences with Mental Health. She has a great approach and I am hooked!
  • Claire With The Hair: Claire blogs about fashion, beauty, fitness and food. I especially love her food blog posts. She has some great ideas and I love trying them out at home myself!

7) What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Enjoy it and don’t take yourself too seriously. A blog is about expressing yourself and your opinions and not what anyone else thinks or feels!

8) A fun thing your readers don’t know about you?

I handmade all of the Invitations, RSVP’s, Guest Information Booklets and Mass Booklets for my wedding, with a small bit of help from my sister and aunt! I also made all of the flower arrangements the day before my wedding, with help from my mother, sister and 2 aunts!
My blog can be found at:



Twitter: @deeglamglow


Again thank you Eimear for this opportunity to share a little bit about myself! I hope that you enjoy reading it!

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