Wednesday, 15 April 2015

#MeetTheBloggers - Squidgy Moments

1. Why did you begin Blogging?

I began blogging as a way to give myself an edge in interviews as I was fresh out of college. Starting my own blog was a big deal because four years ago, bloggers were unheard of in Ireland. I was an early adopter! I quickly found that my blog became my own little happy online space to house my writing and creativity skills.

2. Describe your blog style in five words

Fun, Conversational, Relate-able, Giggly, Positive

3) Have you any other blogs?

I don’t. I did have two other sideline blogs years back but I’ve merged them into the one blog. The only other blog I write for is my professional work blog which is all about travel! I love it.

4) What makes you follow / read other Blogs?

I love personality! Show me your personal side and you will have me hooked! Design, images and honesty are all very important to me when it comes to following a blog.

5) What would prevent you from following / reading another Blog?

It might sound harsh but bullshite. There is nothing worse than reading /following a blog that you know is built on lies and dishonestly. We all know these exist. Be real people, it makes your blog sooo much better!

6) Who would be your top three Blog recommendations?

Aw do I have to chose!? I have so so many! Some include The Make Up Monster, LilliWhite White Rose and A Yellow Brick Blog.

7) What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Don’t follow the trend, be different and blog for you.:)

8) A fun thing your readers don’t know about you?

Eeek I think my readers know everything about me lol! I’ve gotten hugs from both Olly Murs and Paolo Nutini! ;) Lucky me eh! 

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