Monday, 1 June 2015

#MeetTheBloggers - Volta Fitness

It's the 1st June and while we should all be sitting out enjoying the sun instead most of us in the Emerald Isle are sitting by a fire or needing to turn the heating on! I'm hoping meeting today's #MeetTheBloggers will distract you from the lack of summer we're currently having! 

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Claire from Volta Fitness. Some of you will have met Claire through my taking part in her #BeTheBestYou program. Before taking part in the program I was struck by Claire's positive  and realistic attitude to fitness and also her honesty in her blog. So, today I'd like you to meet Volta Fitness and get to know Claire a little more! 

1.Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging at the tender age of 19 because I was in my final year of Journalism and wanted to get some practice in writing. Initially I started of writing music reviews which I gave up because it got a little thankless, then I moved on to beauty for two years and now I’m finally settled on my true passion; health, fitness and positivity!

2. Describe your blog style in five words

“Honest, Motivating, Informative, Straightforward and Ranty”

3. Have you any other blogs?

Not anymore, although I do write for Pump Up, once in a while. This is a fantastic Fitness app that promotes motivation in a positive way and they have a fantastic blog -

4. What makes you follow / read other Blogs?

Transparency and personality; after years of writing and reading blogs I can tell which ones are effectively being paid to be positive about brands so if a blog is complete transparent about its motives and ethics is good in my books. Good, honest reviews and genuine opinions in the face of internet mob-mentality draw me in. If I wanted short reviews and a lack of personality there are plenty of glossy mags I could read.

5. What would prevent you from following / reading another Blog?

A touchy subject; but any blog that seems to be getting paid to write positive reviews about particular brands. It’s misleading and unethical. Also if the blog owner has a holier-than-thou attitude about what they do; humbleness goes a long way, I find.

6. Who would be your top three Blog recommendations?

I read so many so this is genuinely difficult for me BUT:


Danielle is such a talented writer. And HONEST too. I share a love of music, stationary and make up so that definitely has a lot to do with why I love her blog. The way in which she so effortlessly (seemingly, at least) writes about things makes it enjoyable to trawl through her posts.

Nurse Fancy Pants

I love, love, love Chloe’s blog. I sent her a message a while back saying how she was practically responsible for my feminist awakening last year AND, along with another amazing blogger Sharon ( for the purchase of my greatest love- my kindle. Chloe writes about a wide variety of things from book reviews to make up reviews to random but highly intelligent and interesting opinion pieces.

Primal Piggy

I’ve been throwing my eye over to Aimee’s blog ever since I started properly training last year. Her recipes and hints and tips are incredibly helpful and interesting but what I love most is the fact that she is a lady-lifter and proud. Aimee is an advocate of being body positive and proud of your strength and physique whatever it is. She is incredibly positive and pushes the importance of living a healthy life while still maintaining the fun and frivolous side of things; to be honest, I think Ireland could do with more blogs like this.

Other blogs I read on a regular basis are Sophistikat, Oh Hey There Rachel

Miss Green Eyes, CherrySue Doin' the Do, Squidgy Moments, Makeup Monster and some health and fitness blogs like The Fod Mapper, Be a Passion Junkie and Balanced Being Online.

7. What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Be yourself. Never, ever, ever try to emulate another blogger. We all have people that we admire as bloggers and would love to be on a level with but you will do yourself more justice if you just be yourself. Write in your own style, have your own logo that YOU think of, not one modelled on your blidol’s (Blog Idol, just made that up, do you think it will catch on?).

People will appreciate your individualism a lot more than you think.

Also, don’t be too much of a sheep with your posts. If the latest product/book/food, whatever, is coming out and EVERYONE is writing about it you might feel compelled to write about it too for fear of seeming out of touch but there is nothing more boring as a reader to see the same thing being reviewed 100's of times in one month. Again; be different!

8. A fun thing your readers don’t know about you?

Fun? Oh dear, I’m not sure about this one. I hate having to think about facts. Fun thing about me that my readers might not know… hmm.

This one might completely deter anyone who followed my music writing for five years from ever accepting my musical opinion again. I still unashamedly have a girlish obsession with ‘90s boybands. Boyzone are still my number one and I cried for hours when Stephen Gately died. Fun? Not really.

I'd like to say thank you again to Claire for taking part in #MeetTheBloggersYou can follow Volta Fitness via the links below! 

If you would like to take part in #MeetTheBloggers, please send me an email to 

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the series