Wednesday 2 March 2016

It's all down to planning!

Today has been a pretty big day for me. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you will know that today I attended a meeting at Kildare's Local Enterprise Office. This meeting was a big step for me in bringing #SecretProject one step closer to becoming a reality! For the last 24 hours I have been preparing myself mentally for the meeting and thinking of the various outcomes! With thinking of the business I've also been thinking a lot about my blog too! 

When I first began my blog I never thought that I'd be writing and sharing with you about setting up a business. As I write this now and say to myself "I'm going to be opening up a business" it seems crazy and in ways I wonder if I'm nuts? 

Its feels so surreal how my journey has changed from my initial post 17 months ago! I feel now that my blog is no longer about the "Clucks and Downs" of a stay at home mum but of a work at home mum! Becoming a work at home mum is both exciting and frightening! The frightening part for me is not if the business will fail but that I might let down my family. For nearly 5 years I have been at home with my family and I have watched them grow. Now with setting up a business I'm adding additional tasks to my day and in turn my family won't have me there in the same way anymore and this in ways scares me. 

My reasons for wanting to set up this business is because I believe it will be a success and I want to try and be able to help towards providing for my family. My family mean the world to me and I want to help if I can by providing in some way for them now and into the future. 

As I've been preparing business plans, working on branding and sourcing people for things like marketing and a website I've found myself feeling a new lease of life. As I do all of this, I'm reminded of a lot of things I was great at in a former life and it makes me smile. While I'm somewhat scared I might let my family down, I know too that if I plan well and use my multitasking skills then it will benefit us all. I know that I can do will take a lot of planning and learning along the way but I know I can and I will help towards providing for my family! I've faith in my family and I know they have faith in me! Together, we will plan the right steps for us to make the journey smoother when the business launches. 

So, after a big step today for #SecretProject, it is a big step too for Chirps from a Little Red Hen! No longer will you be reading about the "Clucks and Downs" of a stay at home mum but the "Clucks and Downs" of a work at home mum's hoping there's a lot more "Clucks" ;-)

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