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Keeping it Local - Marrons Pharmacy

There are many things in life that I am grateful for and one of those is where I live! While it is not where I was born or where I grew up it is where I call home and that is in Clane, Co. Kildare!
Since becoming a full-time resident of Clane nearly 12 years ago, I've been thankful for the people I've met with one family in particular coming to mind and that's the Marron's. Marron's I've known about 20 years (feeling old now!) and since moving here they have gotten to know me all the more and our family! 

Marron's own one of the local family Pharmacies in the village. Established since 1957 they are a big part of Clane not only offering their services but also helping within the community. Since their doors opened they have seen every lump and bump and have gained a great wealth of knowledge. For us and our family, they are our first point of call if we have something troubling us. 

Most recently I was in regarding our son who is 3. His dad was away for work and during those 5 nights our little man became quite anxious. I popped into the pharmacy to see if they could advise of anything that might help. I spoke with Máire and between both herself and her son Jonathon, our little man was sorted. Jonathon took the time to do a little research and we chatted in the private consultation room. As my son and daughter were there, the conversation contained lots of spelling so as not to make him feel more anxious. I came away that day with information on hand and a piece of mind too that all would be grand .... and it was. So many times we pop to "Dr. Google" for advice or pay to see our GP when a simple question to our local pharmacist can point you in the right direction! 

This is just one occasion on when Marron's helped us. Over the years there have been countless things that we've popped into them for and always received great advice and support when needed. 

We often see through social media and advertising the promotion of the larger pharmacy chains and we are led to believe that we are being offered better value but this is not always the way. 

Here's just one example of price difference given to me by Jonathon;

A now new patient living locally changed to Marron's for two reasons. One was because they look after his wife in Hazel Hall Nursing Home. The other reason was due to the price difference for his own medication. 

His subscription was as follows to give you an idea;

  • Amlode 5mg, 
  • Aspirin 75mg, 
  • Omeprazole 20mg, 
  • Symbicort Inhaler 
  • Teveten 600mg/12.5mg.

This was the difference:

  • Previously paid €123.13 for 30 days supply in a local Pharmact (outside of Clane) 
  • Tesco's was €107.27 but was for only 28 days supply (28 days supply is 93% of 30 days, the value doesn't strictly work like that but it should be borne in mind that like was not compared with like). 
  • Marron's price then for the same medication was €94.07 for 30 days supply. 

Pharmacy Services offered

  • Blood pressure monitoring - Free
  • 24 hour blood pressure monitoring - €45 which goes to the company that produce the report for us
  • Asthma clinic - Free. This service includes inhaler demonstration and technique, communication of peak flow monitoring principles and demo. It is aimed at empowering patients to take control of their asthma, especially children.
  • Full cardiac screen - €45. This service includes cholesterol screen, hemoglobin screen, blood pressure check, diabetes screen, BMI and lifestyle exam. You receive your results before leaving and all equipment used is lab standard.
  • Hemoglobin testing - €10 (test for anemia)
  • Urinalysis - If someone thinks they may have a UTI, Marron's will do a urinalysis and refer them to the doctor if necessary.
  • Influenza vaccination Free - €30. The charge is dependent on health and medical card or not.
  • Blister packing of medicines - Free. this is for people who are unable to cope
  • Home delivery - Free. This is a service provided for those who are unable to get out and about.
Marron's are also involved in any National Health Promotion campaigns and are experts on all medicines including specialist ones like fertility medicines, anti cancer regimes, convalescence.

Marrons are experts in dermatology in children. As Jonathon says himself "with all of us being parents ourselves and we're not afraid to look at a rash, mole, wound, sore, nappy area gone wrong or funky feet and we can generate referrals to the right people where necessary"

Beauty, Fragrance and Bling!

The Lovely Edel showing some of their fragrances! No better woman to help you with your needs! 

Not only do Marron's offer fantastic service and options on the medical side, they have some fabulous treats in Skincare, Beauty, Fragrance and Gifts departments. In skincare they have wonderful brands such as Clarins, Vichy, La Roche Posay, The Works, Nuxe and L'occitane to name but a few.

When it comes to Beauty they stock IsaDora, MeMeMe, Catrice and Rimmel.

In perfume, they have a fantastic range including Chanel, D&G, Gucci, Hermes
Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Boss, Armani,Thierry Mugler and special offers from €12.95 on brands such as Benetton and Ted Baker!

And for gifts there's a fantastic range for the little ones, Jewellery, Designer Sunglasses and Orla Kiely to start you off!

Other Services Offered

  • Ear piercings - €25 - Minimum age 7
  • Make Up - Available Fridays and Saturdays (booking is advised)
      • Free when you spend over €50 on cosmetics 
      • €25 if you'd just like to treat yourself to a makeover! 
  • Passport photos - €6.50
  • Gift Wrapping - Free

Awards / Winnings!!

  • GSK Health Promotion Pharmacy of the Year 2014 
  • Actavis Business Development (independent) Pharmacy of the Year 2014 
  • Jonathan won the Patient Nominated Pharmacist of the Year 2014.

Jonathan proudly sharing his award!

  • Edel was All Ireland finalist in the Counter Assistant of the Year (2014) 
  • Won numerous National Window Competitions over the years. This year already winning 3, Nupo, Cocoa Brown and Roger and Gallet and awaiting to hear back on hopefully a fourth! 
  • Nominated by the Irish Times for the Best window display in Best Shops competition!

Edel at the Vichy Excellence Awards

When I spoke with the Marrons about writing this piece I smiled when I read this sentence from Jonathan "you could quite easily get a song sung to you whilst filling your prescription or picking up a Lemsip (depending on Des and Edel)"
This is something I smiled at as I witnessed this myself to customers who were on holidays and while they waited were sung to by both Des and Edel!

Who's on the Team

  • Des Marron: Pharmacist (Grandfather and Father)
  • Jonathon Morrissey: Supervising / Superintendent Pharmacist with a Masters in Pharmacy (Grandson to Des, Son to Máire)
  • Máire Morrissey: Consumer manager (Daugther to Des, Mother to Joanthon and Genevieve)
  • Edel Marron: Consumer manager (Daughter to Des)
  • Sandra: Clinical Pharmacist with a Masters in Pharmacy
  • Roisin: Senior Technician
  • David: Technician
  • Genevieve: Technician and 4th year Pharmacy student (Granddaughter to Des, daughter to Máire)
  • Shauna: OTC* Sales Assistant
  • Jordan: OTC* Sales Assistant (Granddaughter to Des)
  • Olivia: OTC Sales Assistant
  • Victor: Delivery Driver (hospital, nursing homes, homecare) (son to Des)
* OTC - Over the Counter
Within the Team there are 5 Permanent Full-time member (Des, Jonathon, David, Victor, Shauna)
The rest of the team are then Part-time with Máire and Edel working 4 days and the others varying 2 - 4 days. 
The man who began is all, Des Marron

Marrons Annual Coffee Morning which raises over €3,500 each year for 

St. James Hospital! 

While this may seem an unusual post for my blog, I felt it was an important one. We often forget what business' are on our doorstep and to me I think having a relationship with your local pharmacist is so important. If I was to stop and think all of the times Marrons helped both my husband (who's 100% Clane), myself and our children I think we'd run out of fingers and toes!

Keep it local when you can and if your in the area pop into Marrons .... Tell them Chirps from a Little Red Hen sent you and you might get a song ;-)

Pop over to their Facebook page here where they have a fabulous La Roche Posay Competition and all for a good cause, Temple Street Childrens Hospital

I was not asked to write this post and all information above is of my own writing unless otherwise stated.

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