Thursday 3 December 2015

Reflecting on where I began!

The last few months for me have been quite erratic to say the least! There have been "clucks" and more so some downs but I feel finally we are veering away from the negatives that have occurred the last few months and we are on the "cluck, cluck, cluck! 
During this time I also missed out on my blogs "Blogiversary"! When I reaslised I couldn't help but reflect on the past year and in some ways make some resolutions for me and my little corner of the blogging world! 

I remember when I first shared with you A Chirpy Introduction I was both excited and nervous. Blogging was something I'd thought about for quite some time and now I was finally doing it, I was going to be sharing with you a little bit more about me and hoping you'd enjoy the journey. As time passed I felt I lost a little bit of where I wanted to go with my blog. I took on too much for myself with #MeetTheBloggers and #YourAnInspiration. I committed to blogging twice a week and was also writing for MummyPages. All of this took it's toll and I took a break ("Just taking a little break") which helped me regenerate and change some things ("I'm back Chirpin")

A year on, now that there is no longer a #MeetTheBlogger and #YourAnInspiration series and I am no longer writing for MummyPages I feel there is a new lease of life in me. I now feel I really can get back to that day a little over a year ago and share more of my "clucks and downs" with you all as a stay at home mum and my journey now too with #SecretProject to becoming a Work at Home Mum! The idea of this frightens me at times as I will be really coming out of my comfort zone and yet at the same time I'm excited that I'm dusting off some skills I have and learning some new ones! 

So, while I know its not the New Year yet my resolution for 2016 begins with you all now and that is to share with you a little more about me and my journeys along the way ;-)

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