Sunday 3 January 2016

You can Dance!

I can't already believe it has been a month since I wrote my last blog post, Christmas has been and a New Year has been welcomed! Prior to the festive season kicking off I'd many thoughts about a post I wanted to write and even though I'd started it the words never seemed to match my thoughts and feelings. Maybe it was the subject or possibly a few other things going on in the background that held me back. To be honest I'm not really sure but here I am now! 

At the moment I'm listening to Leo Sayer and I cant help but smile. Some of his songs bring back some fond memories. I used to play his album "The very Best of Leo Sayer" over and over again learning words to songs such When I need you, Thunder in my Heart and Moonlighting. There are two songs in particular though that make me smile the most and they are You make me feel like Dancing and Long Tall Glasses 


These song brings me back to memories of watching my mum as she would dance about our sitting room and not caring as to what others thought. Of course like every teenager on the outside I was "morto" as she would get me to dance too but to be honest deep down ..... I loved it! I loved that she didn't care, I loved that she would just have a bit of fun and bop about showing her moves! 

For those of you who may not have read my post Mothering Sunday "Clucks and Downs", I lost my mum nearly 20 years ago. At the time she was only 50 years young and me, I was 19. Christmas 2015 marked a milestone I suppose you would call it and it meant I have now spent more Christmases without my mum than with her! For the weeks prior to Christmas I was trying to get my head around this and wonder I suppose how I felt about it? While I may have only spent 19 Christmases with my mum, she certainly gave me many memories but most importantly what she gave me was the sense of family, traditions and values. I feel very blessed for those 19 years and as short as they were, my mother instilled a lot in me much of which I didn't reaslise until I became a mother myself. 

Maybe I should of listened to good auld Leo Sayers before today but then again maybe there was a reason I waited until now. As we all know we are in a New Year and for many there will be resolutions made, held and broken! For me while I have some goals for the year my motto will be from Leo Sayers song Long Tall Glasses 

"Hmmmmmm, now wait a minute
Of course I can dance
Of course I can dance
I'm sure I can dance
I'm sure I can dance
I can dance
I can dance
I really hit the floor
Ah, it feels good
Look at me dancing"

This year while there are plans for our family and milestones to be met, I too have plans for ME! 2016 I plan to be selfish ... in a good way! I'm going to get out there and achieve my goals and set new ones along the way! I'm going to "dance" and not care what others think because "I can dance", I know I can achieve the goals I have set for myself and I WILL.  I know there will be people who will try sway me from achieving them for whatever reason but I know if I stick to my motto I will achieve!  

Whatever goals, resolutions you have made for 2016 just keep reminding yourself that you can do it! Sometimes there may be some bumps along the way but you can get there! Make 2016 your year to dance! 

As you know, you are always missed but I know you are always with me and my beautiful family. Only today I danced in the kitchen with our two beauties as I often do and like you mum, I don't care what others think because "I can dance" x

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