Thursday 19 May 2016

Going back on my "word" for me!

Yesterday I put up the image below on my social media accounts which some of you may have seen. There are some of you who will know exactly what I got up to but for those who don't, I joined Slimming World! I know, I know, not another person / blogger joining Slimming World! There are some of you saying "You said you'd never join something like this!" Well, I did and to be honest I'm quite glad I gave in for various reasons.  

As many of you know I'm at home with two children aged 4 & 2. Along with minding my precious babies and our home I'm also in the process of setting up a business aka #SecretProject ;-). With all of that I'm trying to also mind me and make sure I'm in good shape. Like many of us though when you are juggling a lot of things something has to give and in my case it has been me! 

My weight over the years has fluctuated so much with my heaviest being about 13St 7lb to my lightest over the last 5 years being 11St 5lb. The last year more so I have really struggled to get back to even the 11St 5lb mark. Up until about 6 weeks ago I was just 1lb off reaching it but alas, I let life get in my way and now I'm nearly 1 stone off that target (as per my scales ;-)!). 

So, why did I join if I was able to do it before? Well, I'II tell ya! Laziness in a way and wanting to clear some much needed head space! I don't want to have to think any more about what I should be eating! I want someone to say "Eat this and you will loose the weight". I want to see recipes in front of me that are there to help me on my weight loss journey. 
When you are trying to lose weight alone it is a lot easier to give into temptations and say "I'II start again tomorrow" weight fluctuation shows I've said this to myself more than once! 

The last few months I really have found it so draining thinking of my weight and looking at my wardrobe or lack of as I refuse to buy anything until I'm smaller. I can see with me not having the right head space to keep myself on track that I'm beginning to creep nearer to that 13 stone mark and it wont be long until I'm back into a size 16 which I don't want. 

Now that I have joined I feel quite relieved as it is in some ways one less thing for me to worry about. I can now concentrate more on other things knowing that if I follow the steps remain sensible I will achieve my goals. I know that with losing the weight it will give me more of the energy I need to build my business and also give me more importantly a better lifestyle with my family. 

So, as per my weigh in yesterday afternoon I am 12St 7lb! I'm going to go by this as my starting weight as I know my scales can fluctuate plus at home I always weigh myself in the morning before breakfast (yesterday morning I was 12 stone 3lb ;-)!) . The target I have set for myself is 10St 7lb. Not an ideal weight for my height but fir me it is an achievable goal and a starting point. 

I'm not going to be blogging about my journey through Slimming World (yay, I hear some of you say, lol), maybe the odd post when I reach milstones but if you are following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat (username: @chirpslilredhen) I'll share some of my journey with some pictures and updates on my weight loss. 

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