Thursday 17 May 2018

Review: 1st Early Ed - "Fun in the Car"

Michelle Waldron is a lady I have known for some time in the world of social media. Since I began my venture to set up my business, Darcy the Dingo, Michelle has always has been very supportive and full of great words of encouragement. When asked if I'd like to review her audio album on the blog I was delighted to. 

Brief Background

As a Montessori Directress, Michelle has over 25 years experience working in various areas within the early education childcare sector. With her love for creative children's writing and story telling her business was born. 
On the site you will find not only original poems and stories written by Michelle but also ideas of things to do with your children and her audio album "Fun in the Car" 

Fun in the Car

As a mum, for me nursery rhymes can become very repetitive and on many occasion when I've heard them for the 100th time, they've driven me somewhat crazy so listening to "Fun in the Car",I must say was quite refreshing. 

The album is aimed at 3-6 year olds and has 9 tracks which are original poems and stories written and narrated by Michelle and have lovely background sounds to compliment each one. 
When your child is with you in the car or maybe just simply enjoying some time out, they can interact as they listen to each track. While listening your child can have fun learning and not only that, there are fun facts about various places which you may visit and it will help to increase your child's vocabulary along with their observational skills.

The little chirps verdict! 

The Chirps are 6 and 4 now and when we listened to the album initially we listened to it together snuggled on the sofa so we could take it all in together. 

The eldest chirp will be 7 in July so I was conscious of his thoughts being older than his sister and he's firm on his likes and dislikes. While initially he felt it was a bit young, on listening to the full album, he thought it was nice and was something he didn't mind listening to again with his sister in the car or at home. 

The littlest chirp thought it was lovely and it is something that she will listen to many times. She loved the sounds within each story and when she heard "Trip to the Woods" she asked me to pause it to run upstairs to get her own little teddy, Pinky, to join in.

For me, as the big Chirp, as mentioned above, I felt it was refreshing to listen to and I loved how it encouraged children to use their imagination and observe their surroundings whether it is in the car or just simply at home snuggled up with you. 

If you wish to download "Fun in the Car" you can purchase it here for 9.99 

I was asked to review "Fun in the Car" and received the audio download for this purpose and all opinions are my own. I received no payment for this review. 

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