Saturday 22 November 2014

A Chirpy Introduction!

Some of you may recognize the attached image or a variation of it and others may not. 
The story of "The Little Red Hen" is about a hen who finds some seeds and asks her farmyard friends to help her sow them to which they responded "No". Along her journey to planting the seeds, cutting the wheat and bringing it to the mill to make flour to bake bread, she again asked her farmyard friends at each stage for help to which they again replied, "No"! When it came to eating the bread her friends were happy to join her but to their disappointment she replied .... "No" 

My reason then for choosing this as a title for my blog was because, if I've an idea and I ask for help and someone says "No" I just get on with it. Once I've an idea I look to just get on with it with or without the help of my friends. 
From an early stage of meeting my now mother in law she would always comment that I would put teeth in hens so it seemed fitting to use this story! Little did she know that I would put a tooth in this hen but that's another tale to be told ;-) 

I hope on my journey with blogging that I can share some of my "Clucks and Downs" with you and that you enjoy them and maybe even inspired to plant your own seeds! 

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