Monday 24 November 2014

Jogging out of the Cul de Sac

Recently I started down a path to a healthier and lighter me! My journey began 1st June this year and through exercising, eating better and taking part in a "Drop a Dress Size" program I was delighted to see on 13th November that I'd lost 23 pounds! I felt fantastic! I had more energy, my attitude had changed becoming more positive and I could fit into my old wardrobe, Happy Days!

Since then, only 11 days on, I've slipped and started letting the old habits creep in. Between celebrating my achievement, making up for not being able to enjoy my birthday the week prior and eating extra treats during the day I was cornering myself into the same old Cul de Sac I'd only just gotten out of! I was telling myself "but you had a healthy breakfast" or "you can Jog it off".
Over the last few days I've felt sluggish and was disappointed with my myself for letting myself do this. I've had amazing support from my husband, kids, family and friends and I felt I was letting them down.

Today I seemed to hit rock bottom, I felt just BLAH! While there's been a lot going on over the last few weeks its been no excuse to let myself slip back into my old habits especially when I was enjoying my new regime. So once the kids were in bed I got myself togged out and got out the door for a jog and a good talking to!

I mentally gave myself a "clip across the ear" for being so stupid to let myself go backwards. There's always going to be lots going on and there's going to be treats but I can't let myself slip like this. I reminded myself that I'm doing this for a better me which will in turn benefit my family.
I've watched my 3 year old son having fun exercising like his Mammy and its given me great motivation.

I need to refocus and keep on track so I can reach my goals. Its going to be tough with the festive season upon us so I've set myself a new goal to start a training app to jog 5km over the next 8 weeks. Its not a tough one but it will get me back on track til I start my next challenge in January!

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  1. Don't worry we all slip back to old habits. You are doing brilliantly x