Monday 13 July 2015

Making time to breathe!

The last few weeks have brought a few changes to our coup and over the last few days I've been reminding myself of two recent posts "Being positive pays off" and "Being Honest to you".  While we've had some "crazy" going on, now that the dust is settling, I feel its time for me to reevaluate me!

While summer may not be as we'd hoped for so far it is time for me to bring the sunshine back but this time for my body. Over the last few months I've let my emotions rule my eating habits and my waistline and body are suffering for it. I know the ideal would be to literally cut out all the bad things as I've done in the past but what I also know is, if I do that within a week I will be back to square one. 
It has to be a lifestyle change at a pace that suits me. I need to get back to the frame of mind I was in June 2014 when my weight loss journey began and add some #BeTheBestYou to enjoy it all the more! I know when I began to make small changes that it made a difference so I think this is the best way for me to go. I need to be clever in how I substitute things and in those things I really don't want to give up, how I can have them without suffering as much for it. 

While exercise too is key, I know for a fact I wont be able to give this the time I'd like to. While on dry days (which seem rare lately) I will be out for walks with the kids I know the evenings will be taken up in the office (aka our spare room!) and having family quality time! I don't believe they are bad excuses to have as they are both very important things. I have however spoken to the lovely Claire of Volta Fitness and got advice on an exercise or two to do that I can get done during the day so it's not all bad! I'm hoping if the weather picks up there will be a lot more running around with the kids so here's hoping! 

One of the most important things I seriously need to look at is the right TLC for me! As some of you know I was looking to find some products to finally get a proper skincare routine in place! I was delighted with myself when I picked up some Nivea the next day which was on special so thought "its meant to be"! Unfortunately while I thought the initial breakouts I was having was from my skin finally getting some love it was in fact a reaction! 

I stopped using all the products and began using Bioderma Micellar Water, Holos Toner and Ziaja Natural Olive anti-wrinkle Cream which I'd received in my fab #IrishBLBInspire goody bag which you can read about here. Hey presto within a few days, I was clearing up! 

Stupid me though got brave! I wanted to pick up a BB Cream as I like to wear less during the summer. All they had in the chemist I was in was Nivea ..... yes, silly me bought it and thought "sure maybe this will be different" After only 2 days, my skin was worse. 
I have to say it is something I'm not used to at all and it has knocked some of my confidence. I know this may sound silly as I've never had perfect skin but the sensation I've had on my face feels like I'm burnt. I've now scaring that I'm hoping I can clear but so afraid to try anything. For now I'm keeping it very basic and using Natural Face masks such as Honey and Cinnamon to help reduce the redness. 

With these "setbacks" the most important thing I've learned I need to do is to relax more and breath! I've a lot of great things ahead of me at the moment and that's where my focus is going to lie! I'm going to keep the positive mind I have moving forward and remembering along the way to take time out every once in a while and breathe! 

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