Monday 14 September 2015

Review: Holos Skincare the Natural Routine!

Recently I was guest blogger for Holos on #HolosLovesBloggers on Twitter and I must say I really enjoyed the evening! While it was just an hour it flew by and there was great interaction between those who took part. 
As a treat the lovely Niamh owner of Holos sent me some samples to try out a new skin care regime. I'd explained to her about my recent outbreak so she knew just what to send! When I received the samples I knew there was only one place to try them out and it was the perfect location for some wonderful products. 

Recently we were on holidays in Currane, Co. Mayo and for me it was the ideal time to try out a new regime. While I was away Holos had some tough challenges to face when it came to my skin! For me holiday is a guilt free zone which means I eat and drink what I want and my water consumption always reduces. Not only was I relaxing and enjoying myself but the sea air too was testing my skin! 

My daily view on holidays! Not always as sunny but always beautiful!

Niamh very kindly wrote out my daily routine which was as follows:


- Splash cold water on my face to clean followed by Love your Skin Floral Toner
- In addition if I felt I needed it to use the Love your Skin Anti-aging Facial Oil


- Use the Love your Skin Cleansing Cream - Massage in and remove with a warm damp towel
- Followed then by the Love your Skin Floral Toner
- Followed then by the Love your Skin Anti-aging Facial Oil - Use 4 drops and massage in for 1 minute


- Use the Blossoms Light Exfoliating Skin Polish - Massage straight from the jar onto a dry face for 1 minute. Leave for 2 - 3 minutes and then wash off with warm water. 
- Follow then as per morning routine

My Routine! 

I began my routine with the weekly use of the  Blossoms Light Exfoliating Skin Polish. I found this to be quite gentle on my skin and once I applied I felt if quite soothing. The polish is blended with essential oils Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. After using the polish my skin felt smooth but not dried out like some exfoliates can make you feel. 

                  €15.20*                                                                                                        €15.70*

After, I then used the Love your Skin Floral Toner and Love your Skin Face Cream. The floral toner as you know I've used before and you can read here. I find that it is beautiful to use. I love the floral scent and feel it's quite uplifting to use and a great start to the day! 
The face cream too, for me was very smooth and light when applied. After my daily morning routine I always felt fresh and loved how my skin felt. On a couple of mornings with the sea air drying my skin a little, I used the Love your Skin Anti-aging Facial Oil to give my skin some extra TLC. 

               €19.20*                                                                                                         €22.20*

At night then I followed as recommended with the Love your Skin Cleansing Cream and the Love your Skin Anti-aging Facial Oil. The cleansing cream I really enjoyed using as it was light in texture but effective in cleaning my skin after days walking about and playing at the beach with our two smallies. What struck me too about the oil was how light it was and how nicely it absorbed into my skin. Some oils I've felt can feel like they're "sitting" on your skin and you dont really feel like they are doing anything to help. 

The Love your Skin range is blended using the essential oils of Rose, Palmerosa, Frankincense and Benzoin. 

My thoughts!

For me me as many of you know, I can struggle with a good skin care routine. What I loved about following the Holos routine was its simplicity but most important the effect it had on my skin. After a couple of days I noticed my skin feeling a lot fresher and I felt it was younger in appearance. Any dryness I had from the sea air was gone in no time using the Facial oil. With the smells of the products it couldn't but invigorate your senses making you feel fresher and revived to take on what lay ahead. 
If I had a "negative" it is that there is no SPF in the face cream (you all know I love my SPF) but then if there was, it wouldn't be natural! I soon overcome this using a foundation with an SPF in it! 

Holos is as it says, "Skincare from Nature" and for me my skin was certainly thankful for how it treated me! 


You can follow Holos on Facebook here, Twitter here and check out your nearest stockists here! Pop by the website and see the wonderful ranges Holos have at

Check out #Holoslovesbloggers on Twitter Monday nights from 9pm - 10pm 
and join in the fun and chat. 

* images above are from Holos website and are of full size produces 

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