Friday 27 November 2015

I'm dropping in the right direction!

So, it's 3 weeks since I wrote "It's Full Steam Ahead"  and I'd like to give you an update as to how I'm getting on, on my journey to a healthier me! 

Overall the last few weeks has been quite good considering some obstacles that we're both put in my way and if I'm honest, that I allowed get in my way! There's no point me making up things, the fact of the matter is I ate chocolate, I enjoyed a few drinks and I ate some carb rich foods. Do I regret it? Well no! This journey is not about me denying myself, it is about me learning to make changes. I'm never going to eat salads on a daily basis but I can learn to make simple changes and that is what I am doing. 

Instead of my usual sandwich I now grab an omelette full of vegetables. For me its a great way to get the added goodness I need! 

This week, I had both a great chat with Jonathan from Marrons Pharmacy and also Jodie the dietitian from XLS-Medical. I'm so lucky having such great support on my journey. It can be tough to keep yourself motivated and on the right track but when you receive support and advice that you are on the right direction it gives you confidence. Also this week I weighed myself properly for the first time since my journey began and I'm glad to say I'm going in the right direction! 

Seeing how I was getting on and also after speaking with both Jonathan and Jodie it got me thinking of when I first began my journey 1st June 2014. During these 17 months I've gone from losing 23 pounds within 6 months to letting it slowing but surely creep back up, drop back again and yes, you've guessed it, letting it creep back up. As I've often said, I'm not going to beat myself up about undoing some of my hard work because there were lots of reasons why this happened plus its more important that I'm getting myself back on track. 

Those of us who have tried to lose weight will know when we hop on the scales we love to see that number getting lower and when we don't see what we hope to, we can get disheartened. Many of us forget though as we are eating healthier and exercising not only are we losing weight but we are gaining muscle which is heavier and healthier than fat! So with that in mind I'd not only like to update you on my current weight loss, but also on the changes in my measurements since I began my journey in 2014. 

So as you can see there is quite a fluctuation. I didn't include how in November 2014 I was at 73 kg which began to increase during the months that followed as it did from April 2015. Looking back on this, it really does show how weight loss really is a journey. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration just as we would when we get in the car to travel somewhere. 
When I look back on these figures I'm reminded of the obstacles I've met and also the positives that helped me on my journey. To date I'm proud of what I've achieved because I know I can do it and I will get back to the 73 kg mark again but not only that I plan to to go below, well below I hope the 70 kg mark! 

So with my weight loss to date being 2.1 kg (4.6 lb) there are some goals I have set with both Jonathan and Jodi.With taking into consideration the festive season nearly here I want to ensure that I do my best to keep myself on track before then so that I can enjoy (sensibly) some yummy treats over Christmas, so with that in mind here are my goals. 

My Goals
Continue to drink 3+ liters of water per day
Continue to reduce the number of sandwiches I eat by at least 3 days per week
Continue walking 5 days per week
Lose 2.7 kg (6 lbs) before Christmas 
To do 50 Squats 3 days per week minimum

I firmly believe that these are achievable goals and with meeting Jonathan on a weekly basis to weigh myself it will help keep me on track to achieving them. 

What are your tips to get eating more fruit and vegetables during the day?

Do you set any weight loss goals with the festive season in mind?

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