Friday 8 December 2017

Now is the time!

As many of you know who follow me or chatted to me, I've been working on #secretproject for some time which many of you now know as Darcy the Dingo! When I revealed what #secretproject was, I was so excited and was ready to share Darcy the Dingo with all. 
Through one thing or another it didn't go as planned and as time progressed and life got in the way, I lost a lot of confidence in my own self if I'm honest! 

Last week when I met up with my fellow Acorns and our Lead, Alison Ritchie, I was filled with mixed emotions. While I'd my goals set and prepared from our initial meeting and was excited to see everyone, I was nervous too.

Deep down I'm excited about Darcy the Dingo and I know I'm not a failure in my own self and I've a "few brain cells" I can rub together but I'd lost confidence to move forward and take the steps I've needed to just start! 

Thanks to our Acorns round table talks last week, I'm now trying to stop overthinking, reducing how much I listen to everyone's "advice" and I'm just going to DO IT!

So, thanks to my fellow Acorns and also support of family and friends, I'm now doing it!

So, today, I finally have on sale, subscriptions for Darcy the Dingo and also an additional gift option which you can shop for here

Today, I feel proud, proud that I've finally just done it, even if it's not how I planned, I'm delighted to be moving forward and gaining back confidence in me! 

I must say a massive thank you too, to my fellow Acorns for pushing me in the right direction and also family and friends for helping me to take the leap and JUST DO IT! 

If I'm honest , for the last week after saying to my fellow Acorns, "Ok, I'll do it, I'II have a pre-sale / launch"! when I said the words, I shook and in many ways, I've hidden myself from admitting to those words and trying to figure out ways to get out of what I said but in saying that, it's a great thing to have happened! I'm now getting out there, I'm going to MOVE FORWARD  and I'm really looking forward to the journey! 

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