Saturday 10 March 2018

Netflix: Ladies leading the way!

What a week! We'd International Women's Day on Thursday 8th March and this Sunday,  11th March is Mother's Day! So, ladies why not take some time out either for yourself, with your partner or friends and watch some leading ladies on Netflix! Here are some of my top picks. 

1. The Crown

The Crown follows Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the various events that occurred both politically and in her own personal life. Queen Elizabeth was just 25 when she took the throne and the series gives a different insight as to how she adapts to the throne and to the monarchy itself. Not only does it offer a different insight to the Queen herself but also Prince Philip and Princess Margaret whom also are adapting and rebelling in their own ways.  
Personally, I can't recommend The Crown enough and I've yet to meet talk to someone who hasn't enjoyed it. 

2. Godless

Looking for a female wild west badass? Well then Mary Agnes has you covered! Mary Agnes gets rid of the corset and men for pants and begins to date women. Through out she is outsmarting, out-drawing and out-performing any men who cross her path. 
This is one that I will be taking time out to watch with my husband because lets face it, who doesn't like the Wild West.

3. Alias Grace

Alias Grace is based on the historical fiction novel by Margaret Atwood. The 6 part series is about the Irish murderess Grace Marks who was imprisoned for life for murder. When she was visited by Doctor Simon Jordan who wanted to study her mind she told him she'd lost all of her memories but maybe it was that she'd rather not remember. 

So these are just some of my top picks and I wold love to hear some of your top Netflix recommendations.  

I received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV from the Netflix Stream Team. All views and comments are my own 


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