Tuesday 24 April 2018

Positively Inspired!

Keep Positive

The last few months for me have been I'm delighted to say full of many positives. Like many life can throw some "spanners in the works" which I've experienced many of including over the last few months but with the positive ones outweighing them recently, I'm glad to say, things are looking good! 

So when it comes to these positive vibes, where do I begin? Well, as many of you know from recent posts which you can read here, I was accepted and took part in the Acorns programme

Over the six months of taking part in Acorns, I went through highs a lows battling in ways with myself but thanks to fantastic support from our lead and the great women in our group, I moved forward and I'm continually doing so. With their support I've rejuvenated myself for me. And with a rejuvenated me, Darcy the Dingo can only benefit and move forward like I am! 
On Tuesday 17th April, I proudly became an official Acorns 3 and I cried with delight as I received my certificate. Receiving my certificate was a reminder of how determined I am! After two declines for my application for Acorns pilot and Acorns 2, I succeeded to be a proud member for Acorns 3! So as I cried when I received my certificate it was a reminder to me to never give up and always believe! 

                      "If it's to be, it's up to me!"
Officially Acorns 3! 

If you are thinking if setting up a business in rural Ireland or have already started a business I would highly recommend that you register your interest in taking part in the Acorns programme and you can register your interest here 

Another great positive milestone was going away for our first weekend child free! Some of you may think, how is this a milestone but to me I believe it is. Since becoming pregnant on our eldest in November of 2010, myself and my husband have had two nights away totaling about 36 hours in all! I'd like to say that that time away was 100% for us but it was for a Christmas party which I was heavily pregnant on our youngest and the second night was for a wedding and with no offence to both nights, for me, they're not time away really! 
So with a family member celebrating 60 years of marriage in our #HomefromHome, we took advantage and made it a weekend break for ourselves, and what a great weekend it was! 

Achill, Co. Mayo

The weather was superb which I still can't believe for the first week in April, and we were lucky enough to share one of the nights with greats friends and show off beautiful Curraun and Achill to them in Co. Mayo  which they'd never visited. 
As my husband said on our drive home, with our first weekend away, "the stars aligned in every way" We'd great weather, company and more importantly time for ourselves too as a couple! 


Another positive for me was becoming a member of Women's Inspire Network which you can learn more about here. I'd held myself back for sometime in becoming a member partially as there was a cost which is minimal but also because I felt in some ways, what have I to contribute to help others? 
Do ya know what, while I may not hold a profession in the eyes of some, I do actually have a lot more than I think to offer and more importantly I'm open to learning not only to promote my business but for me! 
I've been a member for a few weeks and over the last week alone, becoming a member has ticked all the right boxes! I've received great support including a one to one chat with Samantha Kelly aka The Tweeting Goddess and today, I was part of a brainstorming session which was set up to support for me to help give me feedback and ideas for my business which I received lots of. Members of the group took time away from their day to help me which was a fantastic support for me. 

So, with all of these positives I can't help but feel inspired and I want to revive YourAnInspiration and rename it #InspiringOthers. So, keep your eyes peeled as there are some great participants lined up to share their inspirations and hopefully inspire you too! 

So, if you are a fellow Acorn, member of Women's Inspire Network or feel you can inspire others then email chirpsfromalittleredhen@gmail.com to take part! 

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