Thursday 4 December 2014

Hand Rescue? Or Not?

So, some of you may have already read my post on an attempt to save my poor hands from the daily "trauma" I put them through! For those of you who haven't read the it, here's a link to get you up to speed

So after 7 days of continuing as I normally would as in not using gloves to clean the fire or using cleaning products this is how Aveeno's Hand Cream, Sally Hansens's Maximum Growth Varnish and Vinegar stood the test!  



The Vinegar I only used on Day 1. I felt the difference it made to my cuticles was fantastic and during the 7 days, I wanted to see how well the Aveeno's Hand Cream would maintain this result.

Aveeno Handcream

On average I used the Aveeno's Hand Cream twice a day on days 1 to 5 and thereafter once a day.
From day 1, my hands definitely felt smoother and as the days progressed a lot softer and not as tight especially with the colder weather coming in.
Compared to other hand creams I've used in the past I felt once / twice a day was enough and never felt like I'd to constantly reapply after hand washing etc like I have with others. It seemed to penetrate well into my skin.
I massaged the cream into my cuticles on each application and while it softened them, it wasn't to the same extent as my hands. I felt I might of been better to have used a cuticle oil / cream to give them the TLC they deserve.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth

I used the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as directed which is daily. On day 5 I removed what I applied as it I felt it was a lot of build-up. After removing I continued as directed.
While my nails didn't grow any faster than normal, it certainly helped preventing them from breaking and strengthened them.


I think the pictures speak for themselves. To me my hands feel younger and not as dry.
While my cuticles don't feel as I'd hoped I need to remember the lack of care I was giving them prior to this.
They are products I will definitely add to my regime along with a cuticle cream / oil to get them into better shape!

Before / After Left Hand 

Before  / After Right Hand


  1. Wow Eimear, those results are amazing! I've always found Aveeno creams some of the best for dry skin.

    xo Claire

    1. Thanks Claire. I was quite surprised myself with the results.
      A routine I will have to keep up ;-)