Monday 29 December 2014

2015 - Bring it on!

As some of you may have read in a recent blog my husband began a new job and its sent the Coup a little crazy the last few weeks getting used to all the changes and I've neglected you all and I apologize. I've given myself a firm slap on the hand and now its time to get my chicks in a row ;-)

2015 is only days away and I'm quite looking forward to it as 2014 has been a great one so far. For some time I've been setting various goals for myself and I'd like to share some of them with you. 

Some Goals for 2015!


My first goal for 2015 will begin before "Auld Lang Syne" is sung at midnight on the 31st with me getting a 2015 Diary to mark my long term and short term goals in it so I'm ready to welcome 2015 with the same positivity as 2014 has brought me - Thank you 2014 for a great year

5th January - When it kicks off!

While most will start their New Years Resolutions on 1st January, I've chosen the 5th as the start of mine and for good reason. 
After completing the "Drop a Dress" program with RTE's Today Show and "Fit Man Fran" I will be taking part in Fran's Online 12 Week program to further shed those pounds (and some added over the festive season)
Since completing the initial challenge, I've felt great and while I've enjoyed some yummy treats over the festive season, I'm very much looking forward to kick starting myself again in the New Year and achieving an even better me. 

1st June / BUMBLEance

On 1st June 2014 I made a decision to become a healthier and fitter me and along the way I was reminded of an AMAZING Charity BUMBLEance. As I was setting goals to get myself fitter one goal I've set is to Jog the VHI Women's Mini Marathon on 1st June 2015. 

Recently I held a Coffee Morning in my Local Parish Centre for BUMBLEance and raised €1315 through donations, raffle ticket sales and BUMBLEance's tickets to win a 151 Mercedes
I was so proud of my local community for the fantastic support they gave me and local business' donating prizes for a raffle. A big thanks must go to Marron's Pharmacy for their support in being a collecting point for mobile phones for the charity and selling the last of the tickets for BUMBLEance's 151 Mercedes Draw.  

I plan in 2015 to hold at least one Fund Raising event before I jog the Mini Marathon on the 1st June and at least another after.
It's a charity that struck me when I heard Tony and Mary's story about the loss of their two Children to Batten's Disease . As a parent I cant imagine how that must feel and I admire their strength setting up BUMBLEance, Saoirse Foundation, Bee for Battens and Liam's Lodge

Treats for me!

So with all the hard work I will be doing to get myself slimmer and trimmer, I think its only right that I treat myself too! I've cleared a lot of my wardrobe in the last six months and while it's looking bare, I refuse to buy anything new, unless its essential. 
When I've completed my 12 week program and training for the Mini Marathon, I will be treating myself to some of the fab Lennon Courtney and Bastyan
They are styles I've admired for some time and while I knew I could have treated myself before now I wanted to wait until I was more confident in me. 

These are just some of the goals I've set for myself for 2015 and I must say I'm quite looking forward to them along with some others no doubt I will share along the way. 

I'd like to wish you all a wonderful 2015 and I look forward to sharing more "Clucks and Downs" with you all! 


  1. I want to wish you a wonderful and absolutely fantastic 2015! You can do anything you set your mind too & I hope we get to meet for that coffee in 2015 x

    1. Thanks Danielle, we will defo meet for that cuppa .... maybe even a cheeky drinkie ;-)
      I hope you enjoy the New Years Celebrations and that 2015 brings you lots of joy :-) x

  2. Wishing you a wonderful New Year and every success in all your targets, no better person to achieve them xx

    1. Thanks Grainne, thankfully I've great family & friends cheering me on ;-)
      Just some of my targets for 2015..... watch this space!!
      Here's to a FAB 2015 & I know for us both its going to be full of lots of smiles ;-)

  3. Some lovely goals, Happy 2015! :) x