Tuesday 3 November 2015

It's Full Steam Ahead!

So Chirps, since writing my recent post "Updating the signage" there has been some developments and all is looking good! So let me fill you in on what has been happening! 

Taking care of me! 

As I'd mentioned it was time for me to take control of myself and my weight. Last week I had the chance to meet with Jonathan at Marron's Pharmacy where I had a full cardiac screen. So what did this include? Well, I'd my cholesterol, hemoglobin and diabetes screened along with my blood pressure being checked. I'd a lifestyle exam and I was weighed (hanging head in major shame!) and from that then my BMI was calculated! 

Before I reveal these results as I've said before I know I could beat myself up about how I've gained back the weight I'd lost but there is no point as it will do me no good. Whats important is that I'm doing something about it!


Weight - 80.5kg (12.68 Stone)
BMI - 33.1
Blood Pressure - 126/97
Cholesterol - 5.54 (This was also broken down as to the figures for types of cholesterol)
Blood Glucose - 5.69
Haemoglobin - 13.7

From above results overall considering my weight they were not too bad. The areas I need to focus on is my weight to bring down my BMI and my blood pressure. I would normally have a low blood pressure so it is important that I keep an eye on this.

As much as I've known Jonathan for a number of years as a Healthcare Professional he is exceptional at what he does along with all the staff at Marron's Pharmacy. I'm looking forward to working with Jonathan in tracking my progress and sharing the results with you also.

Some added help!

Since I'd written "Updating the signage" I followed up on an opportunity that arose via the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group which was for XLS-Medical Max Strength It was funny how well timed it was as myself and Jonathan had spoken about possibly using something like XLS-Medical to help me on my weight loss journey. If I'm honest, I would have been skeptical of using an aid like this in the past but on hearing the successes that Jonathan had spoken about of people he had worked with I became more open to the idea. The last few months have been crazy in the coup and my weight has not helped me to be my "Chirpy" self and to keep me motivated. So after some emails, phone calls and some hearing more success stories, I was delighted to be accepted to take part in a 12 week program with XLS Medical Max Strength.

Part of the criteria of being accepted was to have my GP's approval which I received last week. I love my GP as she is very thorough. I showed her the results I received from Jonathan and she is also going to do Full Bloods and go through the results hopefully next week. She believes that with losing at least a stone this should help in bringing down my blood pressure.

Not only will I have the support of Jonathan at Marrons Pharmacy and my own GP, XLS-Medical will have their dietitian, Jodie Relf working with me too, to help me keep on track! I was speaking with her on Thursday afternoon and and will be again on Monday which I'm looking forward to and the advice she has to offer.

Bring it on!

As we all know, life can get in the way of our goals and when we meet these bumps in the road we have a choice as to what we want to do - Do we want to stay on a bumpy road or choose the path that leads us to our goals? 
The next 12 weeks I know are not going to be easy. This week alone I've a Black Tie Dinner to attend and my birthday both of which I'd like to enjoy. The choice I can make though is to be sensible in how I enjoy myself! 
I know that XLS-Medical Max Strength will not do all of the work. I need to ensure I'm on top of things with my diet and exercise. I'm very lucky to have great support with XLS-Medical, Marron's Pharmacy and my GP. With this support and my motivation I know I WILL achieve my goals!

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