Tuesday 17 November 2015

Review: Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil

For those of you who follow me on Social media you will have seen that some time ago I received Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil. I was thrilled when I received it to try as I had read some great reviews and lets face it who doesn't like to give their skin some TLC! 

Along with my Holos Skincare goodies coming on holidays with me recently which you can read about here, so did my Waxperts Body Oil. Knowing I was going to be in strong sea air and playing at the beach for the week I was looking forward to seeing how Waxperts Body Oil stood up to the test. 

The Beautiful Body oil is recommended after waxing / shaving and also after a bath. For me it's shaving and showers! The last time I'd a bath was when I was pregnant on our son over 4 years ago. I get too bored and I'm out within 5 minutes! For me an undisturbed and long shower is such a treat and I knew not only was hubby there to mind our little chirps but there was the grandparents too! This could only mean one thing - Mamma time every morning! 

I used the body oil each day after my shower and also some evenings after the kids went to bed to give my skin some extra love after spending time on the beach. With it being a body oil I loved the fact that it wasn't greasy on my skin and absorbed well so if I needed to dress quickly there was no "sticky" feeling as my skin touched off my clothes. With a hint of lavender too, I found it a nice relaxing way to start the day. 
After using the first time my skin felt smooth and well hydrated and the feeling lasted for quite some time. While I used it twice some days this was more a treat to me after the day plus the scent of the lavender before going to bed was a bonus for a good nights sleep! 

A little goes a long way with Waxperts Body Oil which is great especially at only €12.99 for 100ml I think it is great value. 

To find your nearest stockist you can check here alternatively you can purchase it online at Dolledup.ie here

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