Thursday 9 November 2017

I did it FOR me!

Today, was a great day! A great day because I took more steps for me! In my recent post Little Steps, which you can read about here I spoke about how lately I haven't been myself and since then I've being taking those little steps for myself! 

Starting Acorns on October 23rd with 55 other amazing women was the most wonderful thing I've been part of in quite sometime. While it was something for my business 
Darcy the Dingo, it was also something for me! It gave me a WOW, and reminded me, I am GREAT, I can ACHIEVE and I WILL achieve! 

So ..... what did I do today?! 

Well, today I took a massive step and one I said I'd never do, as it wasn't for me because "Been there(ish) done that(ish)" kind of thoughts went through my mind many times up until the last couple of weeks but thankfully, I turned those negative thoughts around and took the plunge with my fab friend and partner in crime to join one of the local gyms! 

While I've always known my body can do it in the gym with the correct training, I'm one of those people who needs my mind to be convinced that I'm actually going to take those steps TO DO IT and for the right reasons. 
Some of you will have read some of my posts regarding #BeTheBestYou and Fitness which you can read here and here and while I did do it for the right reasons for my body and health, they weren't always right for me. At the time, if I'm honest I was forcing myself to be something I'm not. 

.... Quick background! 

I remember 1st June 2014 I made a decision to take steps for me, for my body and my health. That day, I was delighted not that I was going to make lifestyle changes to be a fitter and healthier me but that I'd made a decision for me, for ME to make positive changes for myself. My journey while it was slow I was making a difference to myself both mentally and physically. 
I made good progress slowly on my own and as the months passed I took part in various programmes that really looking back weren't for me. Yes, they made additional positive changes which was great but for me, they weren't sustainable. They were plans and choices that didn't suit me and more importantly didn't suit our family. With taking on these programmes, it meant these bigger changes I really wasn't ready for and now 3 years on, I'm back to square one and then some!! 

So now, lets fast forward to today! Today, my decision was made for the right reasons like it was back in June 2014 - for Myself! Today, along with a great partner in crime to support me and vice versa, we joined our local gym, All Aspects Fitness and while yes its day one, we're looking forward to our journey ahead! 

Today, I walked away with my own goals, goals that are achievable for me and over the next 6 weeks, I'm going to work towards them. I say 6 weeks because, yes, I do plan to enjoy the festive season. While there will be some visits to the gym over the festives, there will also be visits to the box of choccies and some drinkies!! 

So my decision today was all for ME and not what other people have said I should / shouldn't do. Today I'm chuffed, I made this decision and I'm looking forward to tomorrows session and training with my great friend in crime. I know, I'll be like a ball of jelly as each training session progresses, but I also know, it will be worth it and it's for me! 

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