Saturday 3 January 2015

My Blogging Resolution - 2015!

I'm a firm believer in planning and after sharing some of my personal 2015 resolutions with you, I feel I should also have some Blogging Resolutions / Ideas! So here are my mine for you for 2015

My 2015 Blog Plan

For 2015 I plan to blog twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. Initially, my Monday blogs will be about my 12 week journey with "Fit Man Fran" which you may of already read about in my previous blog. In these posts I hope to give you an idea as to what is in store for me with diet and exercise for the week ahead. Also, giving you an idea of the "Clucks and Downs" I meet along the way. 

Fridays then will "Free for all Friday"! This will be general posts which may be about family, beauty, news stories or what ever YOU the reader would like to see me blog about! I would love to hear from you and what you would like me to write about!

My Ideas for 2015!

I'm hoping my ideas are something a little different and if not, I'm hoping still that they are something you will enjoy!

Meet the Bloggers! 


Each month I would like you to meet some new bloggers and learn a little something about them! How I wish to do this is via a list of questions that I hope will give you a further insight into them and also introduce you to their blog if you haven't already read it. 

I know for me, since I began blogging I've met some fantastic people and I'm quite excited about this new introduction to my blog as I hope you are too!

These posts will appear on the 15th of this month so watch out to see who will be first up in the coming days!



I've been blessed in my life to have been inspired by some amazing and unlikely people! Over the last few months I've gained more confidence in myself and I've been inspired by even more fantastic people. 

They are people who bring a smile to my face and give me the confidence to know "I CAN DO IT" and I thought wouldn't this be something nice to share  with you and maybe together meet some more inspirational people along the way. 

Like "Meet the Bloggers" I've some questions for people who've inspired me or who have been nominated by you and my fellow peers as a person you believe is an inspiration. 

These posts will appear monthly on the 28th of each month. I hope you enjoy and are inspired!

Bring on 2015!

I hope you all enjoy my resolutions / ideas for 2015. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for what you would like to see me blog about. 

If you would like to be part of "Meet the Bloggers" or "Inspiration" please feel free to email me on or PM me at Chirps From a Little Red Hen

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