Monday 11 May 2015

Review - Wash & Learn

Recently as some of you may know from following my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, I'd the pleasure of meeting with the lovely Lorraine owner of Duane Learning. When Lorraine offered me the opportunity to review her product Wash & Learn I was delighted. Only some weeks prior I'd seen the Wash & Learn on a brief visit to a local shop Bob & Kates but unfortunately I hadn't the time to see what Wash & Learn was all about? 


On meeting Lorraine I must say the one thing that struck me was her energy and passion for the Wash & Learn. Not only did her passion strike me but also our 3 year old son. He was the one who was really going be be trying the Wash & Learn out and on first impressions he was a happy little boy .... believe me, he's a tough reviewer! 

So, what is Wash & Learn? Well, in simple terms it is a toiletry bag that is designed for children. Not only that though it teaches children the basic principles of hygiene. It is designed into 3 compartments with different openings styles (Velcro, buttons and zip) where your child can store their tooth brush, toothpaste, face cloth, soap and any other toiletries that may be needed. 

Benefits of the Wash & Learn:
  • Develops your child’s pincer grip
  • Develops their concentration
  • Teaches basic personal hygiene skills
  • Reduces the spread of germs
  • Teaches through repetition

As I made some coffee for Lorraine, my son like all 3 years olds was all questions wondering what it was she had brought. I watched as she explained the Wash & Learn to him and he was loving it. 
She read the story of Peader the penguin to him in the little book included and he loved it.

Peader explains why it is important to wash your hands, teeth, face and behind your ears. It's a simple little story that is easily understood and gets the point across of the importance of good hygiene. 


For me as we sat and had coffee, like all parent's I "poked and prodded". While I had Lorraine there I wanted to ask any questions I may of had about the product. Being honest while we chatted about the Wash & Learn and other things I kept touching and I remarked about the quality. 

As parents when we buy things for our children we all want the best. We also want something that's safe and ... value for money!To me all these got the "tick" mark. 
The Wash & Learn is made from toweling, and in each of the three compartments it is lined with plastic so if a there's a soggy face cloth or toothbrush put in, it isn't going to drip every where. Another bonus too it that its washable! 

With my son being so excited about using the Wash & Learn, I will be honest for the first couple of days I'd to hide it from him. Cruel mammy you might think but I wanted to hang it for him in the bathroom properly and I wanted to make it special for him picking up his own bar of soap for his Wash & Learn. 

So how did he get on? 

I think one of the best comments my son came up with was the morning after using the Wash & Learn for the first time was "I love my Wash & Learn Mam". Since then he has loved and is still loving his Wash & Learn.

For me as a parent, what I've loved is it has added an easy change to a previous routine. Since our son had his first tooth at 5 months we have brushed his teeth in the sitting room. This was just a habit. Before he was snuggled into his sleeping bag after his milk in the sitting room we brushed his teeth before being bringing him to bed. 
Both myself and my husband knew this routine needed to change and it was probably delayed with the birth of his sister and her new teeth! I must say the Wash & Learn has been a fantastic tool in this transition. 

Routine has always been a key in our home and I've always been grateful for the routine we have. With the Wash & Learn I have watched our son as he's used it gaining the independence he desires. I've also watched his 15 month old sister checking it out! While its designed for 3 years plus I've felt it is safe enough for smaller children in my opinion. 

Wash & Learn gets the thumbs up from me but more importantly from our son! 

Check our Duane Learning here and also Lorraine's Facebook page here and Twitter here. Lorraine not only has a great product in Wash & Learn but has some great ideas for the future so keep an eye out! 

The Wash & Learn retails at €25. I will be honest on first hearing this and I said it to Lorraine, I thought this was expensive. After a proper examination of it and after watching my son (and daughter but don't tell him using it!) I think €25 is a fair price for a well made product and the learning that comes from it. 

If you'd like to add Wash & Learn to your child's routine or purchase it as a gift just click here!


Any images marked beneath with an * are from Duane Learning and all other images are my own. 
I have received this product from Duane Learning for the purpose of reviewing and all opinions are my own.  

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