Monday 18 May 2015

The A to Z of Me tag!

I'd like to thank Glitter Mama Wishes for tagging me in the A to Z of me! I hope you enjoy mine as much as I've enjoyed reading others!

Ambition! Yes, even as a Stay at home mum, I have ambition and not just to make it through the day minding our two children! There are some things that I'm working on that I hope to reveal to you all in the coming months

B While the obvious is probable blogging, or for some who know me Beer! I do enjoy a beer after a long week! For me B is for Blanket! No matter how big the fire is in the sitting room during the winter months or even during an Irish heatwave, in the evening when the kids are in bed, I like to curl up on the sofa under a blanket! 

C Christmas! This really is a wonderful time of year and its made all the better now with have our children. For us its not all about spending, its about enjoying the love of one another all the more. 

D Damnait, my mums name and also my daughters second name. It's pronounced Dow-nit. Its very much a Mayo name where my mum was from. You can read a little about the history here 

E Eimear! yes my own name! My mum was inspired by W.B. Yeats when I was named. It's another good old Irish name and one I'm proud of. I also love the meaning of my name and it's link to Irish legends which you can read about here

Me & my Mammy! 

F Family. I know this may be an obvious one but I must say for me, my family are my rock. 

G Gardening This is something I'm making an attempt at. We are in our home nearly 7 years and while I've made starts I'm slowly but surely getting there ... In another 7, I might actually have some order on it!

H Home My home means the world to me. After my mum passed away we sold our house when I was in Australia. When I came back to Ireland I felt quite lost not having somewhere to call home. Since meeting my now husband after we first moved in together after just 6 months of knowing each other (my children won't be told this!!) I felt at home for the first time in about 8 years! 

I Innocence I think at times I'm actually more innocent than I realise. I can embarrass quite easily when people talk of topics I'm not quite comfortable about

J  Joking I love to joke about as best and as much as I can. I think it s good for the soul

K Kelly Another name I know but one I was very proud to take when I married my husband. I always said if I changed my name if I got married, it needed to be to a name with pride and strong sense of family and marrying my Mr. Kelly, I've that in bucket loads. 

L Love This is one that doesn't come easy to all but I have to say I'm very lucky in love with my husband and family.  

M Mammy Being a Mammy, I feel truly blessed. I know how lucky I am to say I am a Mammy and I'm so grately for our children. 

N Negativity This has to be my biggest pet hate! I know life can be tough but being negative intentionally is not going to make it any easier. 

O Organisation Everything, and I mean everything has to have its place. I hate when things become disorganized and I've to run around to try fix it. 

P Planning When I do things I like to have a plan in place and be prepared as best I can. I research, make lists etc 

Q Questions! Something I wish I asked more when my mum was alive. When she passed I was 19 and like all of us at that age we never thought we needed to ask questions, we knew it all!!

R Rugby For those who know me, they will know that this is an obvious one! Rugby is probably the one sport I don't mind being on all weekend. It's a sport I really enjoy to watch when I can and it even decided on how our wedding was planned which you can read about here!

Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary this year at the RDS watching Leinster! 

S Spring is probably my favourite season of the year. 

T Time this is something I never feel I have enough of lately. 

U Understanding As me, as a wife, as a partner and as a mum I like to think that I've a good understanding for my family. 

V Vanity If someone told me a few years ago I would become vain I would of told them - no way! Over the last few months I've discovered more about me and as my confidence has grown so has my vanity, lol!!

W Waves Its a sound I love. Sitting by the sea listening to the waves as they crash is so peaceful. I also love the power and strength that a wave has. Wave photographer Clarke Little

X Xylophone A word that I was so proud of when our son was only about 18 months old said with ease and his sister seems to be following suit at 16 months

Y Young Even with the broken sleep from the children and the crazy days they can give me, I feel younger now than I ever did! At 38 years young I feel I could take on the world with ease ..... after a nap maybe ;-)

Z  Zoo! I don't go often enough really but I'm hoping to change that now that our daughter is a little bigger and she can enjoy having fun with her big brother. 

I'd like to thank Glitter Mama Wishes again for tagging me. It's certainly not as easy as it seems! I hope enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me and weren't put off!! 

I'd like to nominate 

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