Wednesday 10 June 2015

Review: Wolford Leggings

Some of you may have already seen on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages that I received these wonderful Wolford leggings to review. I must say when I got them I was delighted. I felt very lucky and couldn't wait to try them. I received a pair of leggings from their Layla and Precious range. 

Layla Leggings

When I first tried these on they felt like a second skin. The leggings are made from a "skin-friendly viscose jersey" and are very comfortable when on. There is no gusset which means they can work well as trousers also. The seam is "artfully" placed on the inside leg and it adds to the style of the Layla legging. 

I will be honest, I would not be one to wear leggings in general. Any I've worn in the past have felt uncomfortable on the leg and rolled down around my stomach. 
I loved the waistline on these, as it is very soft on my waist without "digging" in and making me feel uncomfortable.
With the Layla leggings I found them easy to wear and felt I could dress them up / down very easily. 

You can purchase the Layla Leggings here. They are available in Black and Iron (grey). While they may seem pricey at €99, I think for the quality and versatility they are worth the spend. These I think will become a staple in your daily wardrobe. 

Precious Leggings

Don't these just look FAB! Like the Layla Leggings when I tried these on, it was instant comfort with the obvious glam! I love the "sparkling appliquéd metallic" detail on the hem. The precious opaque leggings will add glamour to your look and you will feel comfortable all day / night long!  
Like the Layla leggings, there is no gusset and the seam is "artfully" placed on the inside leg. 

Front leg of detail

Back leg of detail

I haven't had a chance to wear these for a night out yet but I must say I'm looking forward to when I do! Nights out are rare now as a mum of two so when I do get out, I like to feel comfortable and stylish. Both don't always go "hand in hand" until now!  

Again, these may seem pricey at €129 but they are something that you will always have and lets face it, who doesn't want to feel glam and comfortable at the same time! The Precious leggings I think will become like your "LBD"! (Little Black Dress). They are available in Black and you can purchase them here

If you haven't already take a look at Wolford's Online shop here. I wasn't aware of the range that they have available so it is worth stopping by and seeing what you could treat yourself to!  

Worth Noting: The sizes that were sent to me were in medium which would normally be what I wear. I felt they were quite generous and could of done with a small so it is worth double checking the size guides especially if you are 5ft 1" tall like me! 

You can follow Wolford on Twitter here and Instagram here

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me by Wolford's to review and all views are my own

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