Wednesday 3 June 2015

What's in my Handbag - Linky!

So, as some of you may have read in my recent post Thank you, Changes & #SecretProject, for the next couple of weeks I was going to be stepping back from the amount I blogged while I worked on an upcoming meeting for #SecretProject. When I saw that LilliWhiteRose and Where is my mind? had new linkys I just had to take part! So first up is "What's in my Handbag?"

Some of you will already have seen this bag on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. I picked it up on Friday in Parfois in Blanchardstown Centre with a voucher I won in January! The bag was only €24.99 and for a mammy on the go it is ideal as it is a "bag in a bag"! 

With two for the price of one it means all of Mammy's things can go in the smaller bag and underneath I can hide nappies, wipes etc for my two little darlings! 

Now, I will be honest ..... I'm not really a bag person! Terrible I know, but its the truth but I'm trying to change that around. So, I'm hoping this new bag will be the start of a wonderful collection ....sorry hubby!!

First off and most important are my sunglasses! Anyone who knows me will know, no matter what the weather I have my sunglasses on .... it's always sunshine in my world ;-). I picked these up on Friday also in Parfois for €12.99. I'm delighted now to have my old ones as a spare pair as my 16 month old has taken a fondness to playing with them! 

There's of course my wallet which I will be honest is very boring. I have this for years and it was bought for its functionality rather than something nice to carry with me. I think I will have to begin a hunt for a new one. 

Ziaja Handcream! I must say I love this cream and while I probably don't use it as much as I should, its always great to have near me when I'm out and about. 

I love this little case that I won from The Quintessential on Twitter recently. While it's designed as an Ipad  / Kindle Case it works perfectly for my tablet and notebooks. The case fits perfectly within my bag so it means no matter where I am (once I've my bag with me!), I can write down ideas I have for my blog or #SecretProject

I must say, its a very boring bag at the moment but I've no doubt it was gain some additional items with the more use it gets! There's still room left too for my makeup bag which I will share its contents with you tomorrow in the Whats in my Makeup bag linky. 

If you'd like to join in #whatsinmybag click here to join in! 

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