Thursday 4 June 2015

What's in my Make-up Bag!

Yesterday I shared with you about what was in my Handbag which you can read here! Today it's all about my Make-up bag! I must say, I'm quite enjoying these linkys with LilliWhiteRose and Where's my Mind Gone? 

So, above will give you an idea of what my make-up bag looks like when I'm heading off somewhere! I think I will need to find a new set of more compact brushes so I can close it!!

The Bag! 

I have this Bobbi Brown bag a number of years ago now. I received it as a Kris Kindle present from my bother in law with some lovely Bobbi Brown goodies inside which are since long gone. 

I love the little pouch that comes with it. Its very handy for keeping jewelry in or when I'd longer hair (you can read about my journey to shot hair here!) it was great for storing clips and hair ties. 

Lets start with the face!

This is a new addition for me. I'd used a primer before but wasnt overly impressed but have since been converted with this! I love too that it has an SPF! 

Again, I love that this has an SPF. While I know at the moment we're not getting the summer we hoped for, I always wear an SPF no mater what time of year it is. 
I love the coverage with this so much so that there are days when I don't feel the need for concealer so that's a bonus! 

LACURA Translucent Powder
This is an Aldi product and I for its price, it is quite good. It's probably a little too pale for me but it will tide me over until I find something new! 

Another new product for me and so is the idea of sculpting! 
I love this! Its very easy to use which for me is a winner! 

I must admit while this is an under-eye concealer, I use it where needed and it works perfectly!
I love the light feel of the concealer and the fact that is twists up. Very handy and means no wastage! 

Blusher Brush
While this is a Blusher brush I use if for my powder and IsaDora Face Sculptor. 
I know, this is a total no, no (hang my head in shame) but I promise I'm getting there I will get myself a set of brushes! 

An the eyes! 

I LOVE this palette! I've used all of the colours and do in a variety of ways on a daily basis. 

This is so easy to use and I love the little brush tucked away in the lid. 

This is only new to me but from first use I liked that it wasn't heavy on the eye which I much prefer for a day time look. I've only used it a couple of days so I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on with it in the coming weeks. 

Massive hang my head in shame time! 
I'd like to say that is is a mascara I use for my lashes but it's not! 
This is an old mascara which is empty and I use it to shape my eyebrows! ..... I think I need to start hunting for an eyebrow kit!

For Lip Puckering!! 

Again, another newbie to me but the last couple of days that I've been using it I'm loving it! I've two other shades so no doubt I will have a review up soon!

I have a number of these and I have to say I love them. They are quick and easy to use and I always feel great when I'm wearing them. 

So, there you go, that's what's in my make-up bag! I think after sharing I've a few additions to get such as brushes ... the correct ones that is and a brow kit!
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