Monday 12 January 2015

Day 1 - Operation Transformation!

While I started my journey to a better me on the 1st June 2014, today I've added a new challenge and will be making more changes to my lifestyle. These changes will not only benefit me but also my family too. Today I begin following Operation Transformation  

With a 5.20am wake up call from my daughter this morning I was surprised at how motivated I felt. I think a lot of this was down to going through the plan in advance and knowing what's in store for me.
I'm quite excited as I wont be on this journey alone, my family too will be taking part. Also I cant leave out my "Training Buddy" Denise who will supporting me along the way as I will her. Since my post "Let's Hit the Road" we now have a slight twist to our plans!  
With communication resumed with "Fit Man Fran", Denise will now be following his program. While I too was very tempted to revert back as I know it works, the program doesn't allow me to plan a week in advance as hoped which I need to be able to do with family and other commitments
So while both myself and Denise's journeys will be different we both have the same goals and that is to loose weight and to feel better in ourselves. Over the coming weeks we will both blogging about our training and eating plans for you to compare and we will see what the results are like at the end! You can follow Denise on her blog Dee-Termined To Glam and Glow

Who to Follow?

Operation Transformation 2015 Leaders

There are five great candidates this year ranging in their weights and heights. Looking at the Leaders I was initially drawn to Eilish as she's nearest to my weight even though she's nearly 2 stone heavier than me. 
Louise in the end I decided to follow as as my Leader. While she is similar in height to me, her story reminded me of so many I know. Louise is married and hoping someday to be blessed with children and has been trying for some years but her weight has become an issue adding to her difficulty conceiving.  
I will be following her exercise's and then use the food plan to create a daily menu that suits our family best. 

Food Plan

I have to say being a fussy eater I'm loving the meals in the Operation Transformation plan. There is a lot of variety especially for the Main Meal of the day. I find it fantastic not that I can choose from these and plan around my family and also take into consideration as to what's already in my kitchen cupboard! 

As example my meals today were as follows:

  • Breakfast - Porridge with half a Banana
  • Snack - An Apple
  • Lunch - Turkey Sandwich on Wholewheat Bread with Lettuce 
  • Dinner - Steak Pizzaiola 

I meant to take a picture of the Steak Pizzaiola but totally forgot as it looked so tasty! 

In our home we've always been healthy eaters. We don't buy jars of sauces etc, we try to make everything from scratch. The issue for me is portion sizes and then snacking on the wrong things in the evening. 
To me the plan is very doable and I can see how it can be easily maintained going forward as you don't feel deprived. I even manged today to eat two florets of broccoli which believe me was a big deal as I cant bear it! 

Follow me on my Facebook Page Chirps from a Little Red Hen to see some of my meals during the week. 

Exercise plan

After really slacking off on my exercising over the festive season I was anxious as to what was ahead of me. Day one of Louise's plan was resistance exercises. 

I found the video very easy to follow. What impressed me most of all was the fact that 
Karl Henry the trainer for the programme went through every step and you followed along with him. As you exercised he would remind you of your posture, breathing and motivated you to push yourself. 
I'm quite looking forward to the exercises if all are shown in the way as it makes it easier to follow and I feel, makes it easier to concentrate to push yourself harder. 

Weekly Tip!

While I'm allowed drink Tea or Coffee on this plan I kick started my day with Hot Lemon Water. Drinking this is a great way to wake up your body and get your metabolism going. Click here to learn more of the fantastic benefits

I look forward to sharing more journey with you and I must say, I'm very motivated so I'm hoping I can keep up this momentum and achieve great results! 
I'd love to hear from you, let me know your tips, exercise regime or your favorite healthy treats! 


  1. Fab post, best of luck with it hun! Look forward to following your journey x

  2. Best of luck you can do it and I will he following you all the way xx

    1. Thanks Danielle, it's great having everyone's support, including yours ;-)