Friday 9 January 2015

From Loose fitting to Fabulous!

I was watching the Stylist Annmarie O'Connor on Ireland AM this week and she was doing a segment on rearranging your wardrobe to get rid of the old and hang on to those staples. I couldn't help as I was watching it to be reminded of some things I stupidly threw out in the past due to lack of confidence in myself. 

After my son was born in 2011 I was over 1 stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight! Quite unusual I know but I suppose lack of a social life and only wanting fruit during my pregnacy had a positive effect thankfully. I remember going to Debenhams about a week after he was born and I picked up a loose check shirt and thought I'd chance my arm with a size 14! Thrilled was not the word for it when I saw it fitted me and wasn't painted on! I hadn't worn a size 14 shirt in sometime so was delighted with myself. 
This motivated me to begin a wardrobe clearout and get rid of all those unwanted items that I never wanted to fit into again or felt I just wasn't going to wear. I was so excited, all my "Larger" & "Never Going to Wear" clothes were finally going and I would begin a journey to a slimmer me! 

This was in July 2011 but it took until June 2014 some months after the birth of our daughter for my "slimmer me" journey to finally begin. I've lost over 20 pounds and that loose check shirt has since been thrown out as it became too big! While I still have a few more pounds to loose, I cant help but think of the "Never Going to Wear" clothes I'd thrown out in the years prior that would fit me now and that I would wear as I've more confidence in myself. 

Now after another recent clear-out of some more "Larger" clothes, I'm clinging onto things that I know should take a trip to the charity shop or the bin but I'm afraid of being left with nothing as I continue my "slimming" journey! So, what do I do? Well, for now all I can do is hold on to what I have until I loose those extra pounds but as always I've a plan! 

Shopping Spree! 

It's a simple plan really but a shopping spree in the coming months seems to be the only answer! In the past I've never been one for fashion but with gaining confidence in myself I've become more interested and excited about clothes. Over the last few years I've grown fond of some designers and feel so happy to be on a journey that I can finally wear them with pride. So, where will I be shopping?


When I saw LENNON COURTNEY for the first time debuting their clothes on the Late Late Show I thought they were fabulous pieces and even now I've yet to see something I don't like. It really is "Real Fashion for Real Women" For me they are pieces I'd love to have proudly hanging in my wardrobe and in the coming months I hope for them to be hanging on me. 


I first become aware of Bastyan fashion via the lovely stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick. She is a great Ambassador for the brand and has shown some fantastic pieces from their collections. I love that the pieces can be staples in my wardrobe and will bring me season to season. 


Siopella is a fantastic Boutique that resales and consigns both Womens and Mens designer and High Street Clothing via their three shops in Temple Bar. When I saw them show some of their pieces on Ireland AM I followed them straight away on their Facebook page
I love the idea that I can pick up nearly new and sometimes new designer pieces at the fraction of the cost. 

Above are just a sample of some of the places where I plan to begin building my wardrobe and keeping it slim and fabulous! I plan to enjoy a new me in the coming months and what better way than to treat myself to some style! 

Planning a Clear-out?

If your planning a clear-out, from my own experience and more so regrets, while its important to be honest its important too, to give yourself a chance if your lacking confidence like I was. Don't be too hasty like I was and not believe that one day you may actually fit into it!

Here's to my wardrobe regrets turning me into a wardrobe "Diva"


  1. You are going to have so much fun on the shopping spree! It's great to follow your journey here too. Think I will have to use the wardrobe editing to do a clear out soon xx

  2. Thanks hun.
    We will have to plan a spree together to fill the gaps in our wardrobe 😉

  3. Enjoy the shopping spree hun, I've number different sizes in two wardrobes but am holding off on a clearout for few months yet 😉 great post hun x

  4. I sure will Gra! Won't be long til your own clear-out and spree ;-)