Monday 26 January 2015

Refreshing Reminder of Music to Motivate!

So as some of you are aware, the last couple of weeks I have been following the Operation Transformation plan. In my update last week here, I wasn't doing too great, with the January Blues taking over and I set some plans into place for the week ahead. 
Those of you who know me and those who've read my recent posts will know I'm not going to lie ... the truth of the matter is, I didn't do great! 
I can start by giving excuses and tell you how I didn't feel well at the start of the week and that I'd early starts with my daughter but I don't believe in excuses. The fact of the matter is I didn't give it my all. While I may not have been well, I could have tried harder when I picked up to fight those pounds but I didn't. 
So here it goes, as we say in our home "New Slate Never on a Man's Back"!

New Slate

So why a new slate? Why not trudge along as I've attempted to do the last few weeks? Well the reason for my "New Slate" is because I've been reminded of some things the last 24 hours. I needed to remember why I was doing this and take a step back and remember how I began my journey to loosing my first pound back in June 2014. 
I'm not going to scold myself for not doing well the last couple of weeks as that will get me nowhere and just demotivate me and take away from the goals I set here

What was I reminded of?

Since I began my journey in June 2014 I've had fantastic support from my husband, family, friends and even virtual ones via #MummyPagesChat and this support still continues. I found though while I have this amazing support, I needed a kick up the bum and I got this from wonderful inspiring ladies. I'm lucky enough to be part of a group via Women's Inspire Network and we are all on a journey to get ourselves mentally and physically healthier. 

Over the last 24 hours they've reminded me as to why I'm doing this and the music that motivates me on my journey! 

So what better way to explain these reminders and motivations than to share the music! 


Well, need I say more! 


To get rid of that demon that tries to tell me "sure you can exercise tomorrow" ... which we know never comes! 

This song says it all! 

(It's my anthem & reminds me of the size 16's I used to wear!)

Well, ya have to have some "Cheese" otherwise its no fun!

And lastly! How I feel, when I get out there and just do it! 


So I'm not going to bore you with what I'm going to do over the next week, I'd rather leave that as a surprise for next Monday! 
Don't forget to check out how my "Training Buddy" Denise is doing at Dee-Termined to Glam and Glow 


I just want to say a special thank you to the ladies who've given me that extra push I needed. 
Linda Flynn - The Ring Leader!!
Click on their links to learn more about these fab ladies ! 

Weekly Tip

Remind yourself of your goals and surround yourself with those who are there to support you!

And remember!


  1. The song links won't appear for me, raging! Will try on computer tomorrow!!! Best of luck for the week ahead hun U have done amazing since last June!! New slate xx

  2. Thanks hun! Definitely a new slate & new determination :-)