Friday 23 January 2015

Time to get my Skin Routine on!

As some of you may have already read in Day 1 - Hand Rescue , I'm terrible at collecting lots of "Lotions and Potions" to never or rarely use them and then throw them out! Lately I've acquired some more to add to my collection and I don't want to do the same again. 
It's time I started to finally to take care of the rest of me and not just my hands! 

I've picked out some of the products that have been tucked away and will try to finally get into a proper skincare routine in place and get an idea of what does and doesn't suit me best! Over the coming weeks I will then let you know how I get on. 


I was lucky to have received these fabulous CLARINS products when I was on the Today Show for makeover in November after my "Drop a Dress Size" challenge on the show.  
As you can see, I've started to use some of them but not in a consistent manner so I'm hoping to change this over the coming weeks. 

What did I receive! 

*Prices as per Debenhams Website 23rd January 2015     

Over the years I've heard so many people rave about CLARINS and while I've had some of their products, I never really gave them a proper try so here's my chance!


Santa obviously read my Hand Rescue? Or Not? blog and popped some of these into my my stocking! 

I've used Aveeno on and off over the last couple of years and like CLARINS, I never really gave them a good chance. I'm hoping that I will have the positive results as I did with their hand cream because my poor skin is feeling it with the central heating. I've quite sensitive skin so I'm really hoping these will revive my poor dry skin. 

What is there?

Aveeno Body Wash 500ml €5 upwards
Aveeno Ultra Calming Cream €7.70* upwards
Aveeno Dermexa 200ml €10.30* upwards
Aveeno Daily Moistising Lotion 200ml €5.20* upwards for 300ml

*prices as per PriceSpy 23rd January 2015

Nail Varnish

Well I think its only fair that with me reviving my hands recently that I brighten up my nails to show them off! 

This picture just shows a selection of the Rimmel and NYC Nail varnishes I have (there's another 15 or so tucked away!) So over the coming weeks I will be putting some of these along with the others tucked away to the test and see which brightens up my day best! 

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Have you any "Lotions or Potions" tucked away that you haven't tried? I'd love to her if you've tried any of the above products. 


  1. So many wonderful products :) I've tried the Clarins balm and loved it! You will have fun pampering yourself :) xx

  2. Awe enjoy the pampering hun!! Some fab products there, look forward to reading all about them x