Monday 19 January 2015

Operation Transformation - Week 2 Begins!

So today is the start of week 2 and after you read how week 1 went for me you will see I need to up my game and push myself!

Week 1 Review!

So, as per my blog "Lets Hit the Road" a short time goal I'd set was to loose those additional festive pounds by January 18th. I felt this was an achievable and realistic goal to set and with hard work even exceeded. There's no point me lying, I didn't achieve this and I've another 5 pounds to go! During my first week following the Operation Transformation plan, my weight loss has been 1 pound and this miserable loss is entirely my own fault! 

The start of the week began really well. I was so pleased at how well the plan worked not only for me but for the family too. After meals, I felt quite satisfied and wasn't hungry at any stage, I even managed to eat some broccoli which for me is a big deal as I'm not a fan of greens!

So where did I go wrong?

Midweek I began to allow a few things get to me which demotivated me. I kept saying "Tomorrow will be better" but as we all know, Tomorrow never comes! As the week went on I said sure Monday I will get myself back on track! So here I am, it's Monday and I'm lucky to be just 1 pound lighter! 
As I felt the slump, I was conscious of portion sizes so much so that I'd only a small taste of my daughter's 1st Birthday cake. 

Homemade Swiss Roll! 

As the days went on a little less salad was added at lunch and a treat was had in the evening. 
Plus, a big part was lack of exercise! While it's all well and good changing our diet to get better results, exercise is key and I failed here. 
I know the plan works as the proof can be seen with each of the leaders having lost between 3 - 11 1/2 pounds! 

What do I do now?

I'm a believer in honesty not only to others but to yourself. So if I'm honest, I'm not in a great frame of mind still. I think the January Blues are trying to take over but I will put up a fight to get myself back on track. 

So, what I intend to do is to follow the plan, using foods I currently have in my kitchen cupboard / freezer. All are healthy items and I want to use them up keeping in mind portion sizes and increasing my vegetable intake including broccoli! 
When this is done, I can shop the weekly plan in comfort knowing there's no temptations so I'm not led astray again! 

This evening, I will get myself back on track to training for my 10km and from tomorrow I will follow the exercises from Day 3 as set for the leader I chose, Louise on Operation Transformation. 

Weekly Tip!

Going on the last week, my tip is to write down your goals. When they are written down you can focus and when needed you can update these. 
We're only human and we will find bumps on the road, its just a matter of how we get ourselves back on track and this is where goals come in so we don't forget what we are trying to achieve. 

While this week, I didn't achieve my short term goal to loose those festive pounds, I know I will and I will reset this goal to 1st February 2015!

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  1. Don't be disheartened we all have bad weeks (I had one last week too and we're not the only ones). Losing 1 pound in a week is still a great achievement so well done! Sometimes I feel that Operation Transformation set unrealistic goals regarding pounds lost per week. Every pound lost is worth being proud of. x Claire

    1. Thanks Claire for support.
      I wasn't expecting big numbers even if I followed it 100% I just need to get back into the right head space again to give it my all.
      I know those who'd high weight loss are only at the beginning of their journeys and gets harder as time goes on.
      I think it's a great lifestyle change plan that's family friendly which is a bonus for me.
      Thanks again, lovein your FB updates for Volta Fitness, gets me motivated ;-)

  2. Such an honest post hun, which is one of the reasons you are a true inspiration to anyone following your journey and trying to shed those extra lbs! Like you say we all have tough phases and deserve the odd treat along the way but that doesn't mean our weight goals are unachievable! Excellent read and wish u the best of luck for the week ahead x

    1. Thanks Grainne, I really appreciate your support & have done since my weight loss journey began in June!
      Here's to a great week ;-)