Monday 9 March 2015

Becoming the Best Me!

While I've got a head cold and two over tired little ones, today is the beginning of something quite exciting! Today is the start of a new fantastic journey thanks to the lovely Claire from Volta Fitness

For some time I have been following Claire via her Facebook page and Bloglovin. As you can guess from the title Volta Fitness, Claire's blog is all about fitness. She is a FETAC qualified Sports Nutritionist and Fitness instructor. I love her honesty and attitude when it comes to fitness and a healthier lifestyle. When I saw then a recent post she had on her blog, I knew I'd to take a chance.
Claire was recently seeking five volunteers to trial her 6 week online weight loss and lifestyle clinic. After gaining back some of the unwanted pounds I had successfully lost last year, I knew I'd to apply and hope I was successful. 
I've found it very tough the last few months to get my momentum going again. After losing 23 pounds from 1st June to Mid-November last year, the slippery slope of weight gain seemed to be getting bigger and I wanted to get myself back on track so I can achieve my long term goals. 

I was so grateful that Claire had picked me as one of the five and I must say the four ladies joining me on the #BeTheBestYou journey seem a great bunch. I think together supporting each other and with Claire's expertise, we will have a fantastic journey. 

What's the plan!

So, Claire being very much on the ball has sent the information we needed last week. getting the information in plenty of time means we can plan so we don't fail!

I've received a personalised training plan for the week which also incorporates my training for the upcoming 5km in April. 
Guidelines to foods I should be purchasing on my journey and tips on training for both the program and my 5km / 10km training.
Claire has also set up a Facebook page where we can all come together and get hints a tips on a daily basis and receive weekly clean eating recipes. 

What do I like so far?

While this is only day one, what I like about the plan is that the meals are up to me using the guidelines given. This is important to me as I want to be able to incorporate the foods into our family lifestyle. 
The plan encourages you to have a cheat meal once a week .... yes, encourages! Now, this of course isn't a cheat day, but a meal. Knowing this makes the plan feel that bit easier and achievable. The plan is not about deprivation, its about making better lifestyle choices. 
With the exercises, it has been personalized to take into consideration any exercise equipment I have and the training I'm doing for the 5km and mini marathon. 

While I know the coming weeks will have it's up and downs. Some I can control and others not so much, I look forward to sharing my journey with you. 
You can follow Blogging it Beautiful's journey too on her blog

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