Thursday 26 March 2015

Remembering the Best of Days!

After a nail biting and intense finale last weekend to this years RBS 6 Nations and thankfully an Ireland win, I'm transported back in time to 2009. This was the beginning of some fantastic celebrations not only of Ireland's first Grand Slam win in 60 years, but to the start of a new life for two people! 

2009 Grand Slam Win

2015 Championship Win

Way back in 2009!

After coming out from hiding from a blanket on our sofa as O'Gara took a drop goal in those final moments I waited in fear, fear he might miss and that Ireland's dreams of a Grand Slam win would be lost for another year. Thankfully O'Gara didn't let his Nation down and across the country the celebrations began! 

Those final tense moments - O'Gara's drop goal

After my nerves began to settle and the reality of a Grand Slam win sank in I went to my local pub for a celebratory drink with Brian (my partner) and his dad. I remember the atmosphere so well , it was amazing. Everyone was in shock but so happy at Ireland's great win that day. What I remember most though was as I was messaging my brother Barry, he was travelling back to Ireland from Australia where he lives. His flight home was not just for a holiday but for a celebration, a wedding, our wedding! 

As the days built up to 27th March 2009, it was crazy at times so much so I remember finding peace and calm at McDonald's in Liffey Valley Shopping Center the day before. Brian, his dad and I were collecting the suits for the wedding and before leaving we ventured to McDonald's. It wasn't the food calling us, it was our wanting to avoid the pulling and dragging of everyone wanting a piece of us!

This night (26th March) 6 years ago, I remember saying goodbye to my partner as he left for his parents. My brother was still jet lagged so he was snoozing on the chair and as I lay on the sofa flicking through the TV all I could do was cry! I was crying lots of happy tears! I couldn't help but feel so lucky that the next day I was going to marry my best friend and my rock. 

The Big Day!

Like all wedding days there is craziness with getting ready. You've to get your hair done, make-up, fed and get dressed which myself and my bridesmaid had to race to do as we were all too busy yapping!!

The tears began again for me that day when I saw my Dad! I hadn't seen the suits for the wedding, (I highly recommend this!) so as I saw him, all I could think of was how handsome Brian would look. 

I remember as my make-up was being finished by a friend, the very talented Hayley McGowan she said to me "Say Ham and Cheese, say Ham and Cheese", a crazy thing to say I thought but it helped stop the tears ...... for now!

Once we were ready it was time to go. As I stood at the entrance to the the beautiful People's Church in Clongowe's and as I heard my entrance music, that was me off again! 

I'd my tissue on hand as I walked down the isle and my dad dad held on, telling me it was ok. The poor man nearly had his hand broken on the way to the Church I squeezed it so much! As I reached the alter, both myself and Brian went to hand the other a tissue!! This was to be a ceremony of many happy tears!

After more happy tears were shed through the ceremony it wasn't long until we were announced "Husband and Wife". It was fitting too after our wedding being planned around the 6 Nations (my doing) that our exit music was Rugby themed too! Jupiter from "The Planets" by Gustav HolstRugby fans will know as World in Union!

I remember people saying to me never have they been to a wedding where there was as much crying but also as much laughing and smiling. On the 27th March 2009, I became complete. I was lucky enough to meet and marry my soul mate, my best friend and wonderful father to our two children. 

Our wedding day was the most amazing day. We'd friends and family there we wanted to celebrate this day with us. It wasn't a big wedding by Irish standards and that's just how we wanted it. 

Happy Anniversary Brian, I look forward to many more years, tears, laughter and fun x


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