Monday 30 March 2015

#BeTheBestYou - Week 4 begins!

Well, I cant believe we're already at Week for of #BeTheBestYou Lifestyle change! And to my amazement I'm pretty much sticking to it! Don't get me wrong, I haven't been a saint but on the days I've been behaving 90-100% its making a difference. 

Let the numbers speak! 

So as we all know, it's the numbers that do all the talking and show how I'm really getting on. So here they are! 

                       3rd March          16th March          30th March
                       Inches                         Inches                  Inches
Bicep              11.8                      12.2                      11.61
Thigh              21.65                    21.65                    21.25
Calf                14.17                     13.77                    13.77
Waist              40.55                    39.37                    37.79
Hips                42.51                    40.15                    38.77
Chest             41.33                     39.76                    40.15

Weight lbs    166.5                     165                        160

I think one that surprised me the most was my waist measurements. The reason for my surprise was that I didn't get to exercise as much as I would of liked. Sleepless nights from a 14 month old has a way of knocking the energy out of you! 

Overall considering my lack of exercise I'm quite pleased with the results. While I could tell myself I could of done better, and yes, I could have, there is no point me being negative. This is about making lifestyle changes and the main thing I'm focusing on is the numbers and they don't lie! 

What am I eating!

So, going on the results it just goes to show that what we eat makes a difference too to our waist line. As the weeks have progressed I'm finding it somewhat easier to try and plan my meals better and to make the things I'm not so fond of such as salad more palatable. 


Warm Chicken Salad with Chili Flakes

Warm Beef Salad with Sesame Seeds

I was always one to cook from scratch, we never buy sauces such as for pasta, we like to make our own. For me then this made the plan somewhat easier when it came to dinner time as I didn't have to cook something different for me and then another meal for the rest of the family.  

The main thing I needed to take into consideration was portion sizing which I've learned to control better over the last few months. And, my carbohydrate intake. This was something I needed to plan better. For some meals I've cut them out altogether depending on when I got my exercise done. 


Homemade Meatballs in homemade tomato sauce

Homemade "Pizza" using a Wrap and some of Hilda's Chutney from Clane Farmers Market 

Steak, Veg and some homemade oven chips

As you can see, I've eaten quite well! A typical day generally starts with a banana as I make my children's breakfast. I try to hold off from the porrigde to save my carbohydrate until after exercising or to have a small amount with dinner! 
Later in the morning then, I have bacon and poached eggs. Lunch then I try to have a salad or an omelette and then dinner is similar to above. 

Fluid intake is also key. I still have my mug of coffee in the morning sometimes even two! When I remember I try have a green tea or two which is great for boosting your metabolism. The main drink though I try to focus on is water! 

For me, I try to aim for at least three jugs of water per day. It can be tough sometimes so I bring the jug about the house with me to remind myself. I know that drinking a lot more water too has made a big difference to me. 

I'm quite looking forward to seeing how the next two weeks go for me. Overall so far, I'm feeling quite good in myself and I can really see how these changes can stay part of my lifestyle. 
For the next week, I'm going to focus on trying to get more exercise done as I know that this is important if I want to see further results. I've my first 5km this Saturday too for Bumbleance, so I need to make sure I eat well and not over do it. 

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I'd love to hear what your fitness and healthy eating tips are? Are you currently trying to make changes in your own life? Let me know in the comments below! 

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