Monday 23 March 2015

Room to Makeover!

For some time now we've been talking about transforming our spare room into a Home Office. The room is currently a Laundry / Ironing / Music / Dump room so its not an easy task trying to include everything (except for the dumping!) and to hopefully have it as a spare room too! So, after reading some ideas from The Parma Violet and more recently reading about a makeover LilliWhiteRose did, I thought it might be a good idea to get some ideas in place that I might actually get started! 

So the room that needs to be done up is a box room so space is limited for the functions I'd like it to do! So I suppose a starting point for any home office is a desk! I thought a corner desk might make better use of the space, I saw this BORGSJÖ Corner desk in Ikea for €70 and think it might do the job. 

An alternative could be Ikeas STUVA Loft Bed combo which is €390. A bit pricey but it might be a good option and "Kill two birds with one stone"  covering both the office and spare room options. 

If the STUVA bed doesn't work as an option I thought the maybe Ikeas LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Chair bed could at €195 or their EXARBY Three-seat sofa at €175. With either of these options it would offer a spare bed if needed and also a place for my husband to sit when he rocking out playing his Base! 

So the next thing to cover is the laundry and ironing! Currently any clothes I hang in the room are on a large Clothes Airer. While it works at the moment it will take up a lot of room when the desk goes in and hopefully a bed! 

I saw this Pull-out Drying line on Howard's Storage World for €44.95. This could be a handy alternative and can tuck away nicely when its not in use. 

Another thing I saw in Howard's Storage World was this handy "Over the Door Ironing Board" at €36.95. It may not be as large as the current board we have but might be a suitable option. 

So these are some ideas that I have and I hope soon to make a real start on the room. Another place I will be seeking ideas is I've used it in the past and we have picked up some amazing bargains for our home and I hope I will again for our Spare room makeover

What are your home office and storage ideas? I'd love to hear what you think and I look forward to sharing the finished room with you soon! 

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