Monday 16 March 2015

#BeTheBestYou - Week 2

Week two has begun of me taking part in the Be the Best of you Lifestyle Clinic. I have to say, I'm very positive this week! So lets see how did week one go?

Week 1 Review

Like many of us, taking care of myself is important and being a busy mum of 2, I'd like to try get myself back in shape. 
As many of you know, I began my journey 1st June 2014 and took part in the Today Show's "Drop a Dress Size" challenge which I completed mid November. During this time I lost 23lb with 12lb of this being lost during the "Drop a Dress Size" challenge (approx 5 weeks long). I was delighted with the weight loss and was so focused on losing the same again over the months to follow. 
As one thing led to another with the festive season and me losing my motivation my weight soon began to creep back up.
When I began my journey in June, my motivation was for a lifestyle change and something I could sustain. While the "Drop a Dress size" challenge helped me add to my weight loss, it wasn't a sustainable plan for me and my family. 
For me, I wanted to get back to where I was on 1st June 2014 when I began my journey and Be the Best You, gives me that and more. 

You can read about some some of my weight loss journey here


So overall week one went pretty good. The exercises set out for me for the week were set for 5 days and included training for the BK5K I'm taking part in on the 4th April. I like that Claire takes into consideration what you already have in place such as Gym membership, equipment at home or Classes you might be taking part in. 
For me, while I don't have a Gym Membership I have some equipment to use at home. 
While the start of the week began well for me with the exercises, I let the the 
"Clucks and Downs" of Mother's Day takeover towards the weekend.  


With Claire's plan, it ticks all the boxes for me. There are no set meals to follow. I've been given a list of foods to work from where I can cook what I'd like. This to me is perfect as I can tailor it to suit our families meals. No more one dinner for me and another for them! 
There are times where I need to hold back on the "flowery spud" but I'm now understanding better how to balance my meals. 
Claire explains when and why we should eat certain foods such as pre and post training. For instance today I will be holding back on my carbs until after my run this evening. 
In general, I'm still eating the same foods as I always did, I'm just eating them in a different way. 

Week 1 Results 

Date: 3rd March
16th March
Body Part

Weight lbs

So, looking at the figures above, you may think its not a massive change. If I'm honest, I know the figures could of been better. I could of worked harder with my exercises. I could of refrained from eating the chocolates my children gave me for Mother's Day. I could of said "No" to a second cheat meal which was an Indoor Pizza Picnic with my kids for Mother's Day. I could of even of held off from the 2 slices of wholemeal bread I had with my homemade soup at lunch. 
While I didn't do those things, there is still a change and that is what I am focusing on. This programme is about making lifestyle changes and each day I am making them for the better of me and for the better of my family. 

I must say, I looking forward to seeing what changes are awaiting for me next Monday! 

Are you currently trying to make any changes within your lifestyle? I'd love to hear any tips you have. 

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