Monday 13 April 2015

#BeTheBestYou - The Final Week!

So, for those of you who have been following my journey on #BeTheBestYou (you can follow here) you will know that it's a 6 week program that I've been taking part in with Claire from Volta Fitness. So with the final week beginning, I've been reflecting on how my progress has been so far. 

Initially at the start of the program, I was 100% on top of things. My slips were few and I exercised as best I could. I could see the changes in myself and I could also see how salad really isn't all that bad with a little imagination! 

The last two weeks seemed to have changed all of that. For those of you that are parents you will know there is nothing like your child being thrown out of sorts to put you off course! With my husbands recent work trip, some sleepless nights and and anxious three year old, I feel I've been turned upside down. 

I've felt it difficult to remain motivated about salad etc and trying to get any exercise done. As you will have read in my update last week (you can read here) my focus has been on my children. Their needs have been my priority and I've left #BeTheBestYou at the back of my mind. I know if I tried to eat healthier and exercise more I would probably feel better in myself but it really has been tough. 

Today for me is a brand new day and while I'm not in tip top form, I'm going to do my best this week to get back on track. As Claire herself would say, sometimes life gets in the way and that this is about making lifestyle changes. For me I'm looking at the long term. 
For this week, I'm going to focus on getting myself back on track and planning my meals better so I can #BeTheBestMe not just for 6 weeks but for the future. 

I'm quite looking forward to this week and sharing with you my final results! Who know's, even with my 2 weeks of falling off the wagon I might even achieve my goal which I set with Claire! 

How do you get yourself back on track when you "fall off the wagon"?

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