Friday 10 April 2015

Mindfulness for Children

Recently when I was on #Mummypageschat and I met @buddabugzz aka Aislí Madden. Some of you may know Aislí from the RTE TV SeriesDomestic Diva's. Well, Aislí has a new project she has been working on and I must say I love the idea. Aislí has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for her new book "Buddabugzz - 'Zenji Heals His Muzzy Bug"

Aislí has spent three years researching, writing and illustrating her first book "Zenji Heals His Muzzy Bug" which is a bedtime story for children. She believes that the book will help children sleep quicker and better than before! This I know for me is music to my ears I must say since my my sons recent change in his bedtime routine. 

Watching and listening to Aislí explain the book in her Kickstarter campaign I must say it sounds quite magical and I can understand why children would enjoy it. 

I love the idea that the book is all about mindfulness. It makes sense to teach this to our children at young age so that it can help them not only to sleep well but to deal with changes in their lives. We are all aware how important mindfulness is yet we don't always practice it so well. 
With children too it can be tough for them as they are going through so many changes that are naturally developmentally and then within their home environment. 

I hope that Aislí can make her dream come true and raise the money she needs to spread the word of her Zenji and his upcoming Buddabugzz. 

I look forward to soon reading all about Zenji to my own children ..... might even help this tired mammy too!  

Check out some recent articles here about Zenji and Aislí's Kickstarter campaign. 

You can follow Aislí too on her Facebook page here

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