Friday 24 April 2015

I am the Mum Who .......

  • loves watching my son and daughter play together
  • enjoys going for walks with my family
  • loves to cook and experiment
  • has rediscovered my confidence over the last few months
  • has no time for negative people
  • believes what comes around goes around
  • loves listening to my children laughing
  • loves that my son asks questions and dislike the amount of them at the same time
  • loves watching my husband with our children
  • is very glad I asked my husband out nearly 11 years ago
  • misses the option to lie on in the morning
  • misses waking up naturally
  • loves messy food such as Steak Sandwiches and Burgers with LOADS of sauce and cheese! 
  • is a big rugby fan and planned our wedding around the 6 Nations
  • laughs as I listen to my son as he "chats to the guys" as he goes to bed  - The "guys" are Bluey, Larry & Ozzie his teddy's!! 
  • is glad our family began in our 30's
  • feels younger now than I did 10 years ago
  • loves to laugh 
  • loves to sing even if I can't!
  • loves to dance and I don't do it enough
  • enjoys discovering new things
  • enjoys going on mystery tour drives
  • is trying to discover my "Green Fingers" in the garden
  • misses sitting down to read a newspaper without distraction
  • dislikes when I get something for me and my son tells me I've to share.... parenting teaching payback
  • looks forward to my son starting pre-school in the Autumn yet I know I will miss him
  • is a list person ..... everything needs a list
  • follows a routine and dislike straying from it unless it suits me!!
  • quite likes scoffing things in secret from my kids
  • fears my daughter has inherited my "tantrum" streak! 
  • loves discovering myself again
  • hates Rollercoasters and dreads when my children want to try them
  • lonely sometimes as a Stay at Home Mum and yet wouldn't change a thing as I feel so lucky to be
  • feels very blessed for my husband 
  • feels so blessed for our family

I'd like to thank Where is my mind? for nominating me. I really enjoyed this, is was a bit of fun. 

I'd like to nominate the following:
Dee-Termined to Glam and Glow

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