Friday 3 April 2015

Easter Crafts and Bonnets!

So everywhere we've looked the last few weeks has all been about Easter and now it is only days away! There's lots of chocolate, spring colours and even more chocolate! 
With my son now getting older (he's 4 in July) and having his little sister (she's 14 months) I thought some Easter fun was in order! So on Monday as a distraction while their dad is away for a few days for work I thought we'd pop into Tesco Naas for some Easter creative fun! 

As I strolled the isles making my way to way to where I knew the crafts were, I was amazed at how big the selection was since I last picked up some pieces! Tesco's Go Create range is fantastic and also at brilliant prices. They seem to cater for all ages which is great! 

As I searched through the selection I was a little disappointed at the lack of Easter related crafts and then I recalled that they've a festive / seasonal isle! So, off we went with the trolley and my two "driving" it as they sat in it! 
When I reached the isle I was delighted at the selection so much so I stupidly forgot to take some pictures to show you! 

There were bunny's, chicks, ribbons and hats along with some additional crafts for bonnets and baskets and much more! I wanted everything but I held back and got what I felt was needed and some extras!!

So here's some of what we picked up. Everything ranged from €1.50 to €2.75 so great prices. 

So, when we got home and I settled my daughter for her nap, myself and my son got started on making some decorations for the Easter bunny! 

The first was the "Easter Bunny, Stop Here" sign. This was only €2.75 which I thought was great value for the content and sturdiness of it. 

The final piece with a lovely glittery egg that came in a pack that we decorated! 

The next item to tackle was the Easter Bonnet! I loved the hats they had available to decorate so was looking forward to making these with my son. 

Great precision in placing the glue on! 

A brief History!

After my post Mother Sunday "Clucks and Downs" where I shared some history about Mothers Day, it got me thinking about the history of the Easter Bonnet, so with a quick search, here's what I found! 

According to Hats and Veils and the history of the Easter bonnet goes back further than we make think. Seemingly, they go back further than Easter itself! the first bonnets were usually a circle of leaves and flowers that symbolized the beginning of Spring and the cycle of the seasons. Easter then which is a Christian holiday celebrates new life and rebirth with pure and new clothing. 
As time progressed the “Sunday of Joy,” was born which was the first Easter after the end of the Civil War. On this day, mothers and daughters were allowed to come out of mourning and wear pastel colors and incorporate spring flowers! 
The Easter parade began then in the 1870's in New York. At the parade Church goers would carry their Easter flowers from St. Thomas Church to St. Luke's Church. The social elite would attend these services and join the parade giving onlookers and themselves a look at their Easter hats and bonnets!

I must say on reading the history of the Easter bonnet, I found it quite interesting  and pleased too! When we chose our date to get married we chose Spring. For us Spring was and is a time of new beginnings and an Easter bonnet seems a perfect way to celebrate these new beginnings!

So here's my sons creation to show off and celebrate the new beginnings Easter will bring this year. 

My daughters bonnet, is a "Work in Progress". While I had it completed, as all 14 month olds do, she pulled everything off! So, I think it will be a needle and thread needed to hold everything in place! 

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What are your Easter treats?! Do you make a bonnet? I'd love to hear what you do to celebrate Easter if you do at all?

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