Thursday 2 April 2015

Take a Chance and make a Change!

Some of you may have already read in my recent post Remembering the Days and know that Friday, 27th March 2015 was my 6th Wedding Anniversary. If you've also been following me on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, you will know too that the day brought a big change! The 27th March was not only a day of celebration, it was the day my husband got a new wife!! 

Earlier in the week I said to my husband that I was thinking of getting my hair chopped! I showed him this image below as an idea as to what I was thinking of getting done. 

When he saw the image, he response was "Go for it, it will grow back if you don't like it" I was delighted when he said that. I was thinking the same and we all know a change is as good as a holiday! 

So, on the morning of our anniversary I chanced my arm to see if there an appointment for that morning in my local salon, Salon Five. I've been going to Salon Five since it opened and have been very lucky with the lovely Lorraine. I can go into her with my eyes closed and I'm always happy with the outcome. 
When I phoned I was told Lorraine was on holidays and was offered another stylist. I was very anxious making such a big change with another Senior Stylist but I also knew if I didn't just get it done it would be another few weeks before did and in the meantime I'd be driven crazy with my hair as it was! So, I took a leap of faith and trusted Damian (the owner) with the task of my new hairstyle! 

So, the picture below was how my morning began. As it neared time to go to Salon Five I will be honest I was a little nervous but looking forward too, to a new me! 

When I arrived I spoke with Damian about my likes and dislikes and also showing him the same image I'd shown my husband. After that I placed my hair in his hands. While I was nervous, I put my faith in the expert! 
As the first pieces were cut away, there was no turning back! I'd an image in my head but as my hair fell to the floor my nerves grew! 
Damian took great time and precision in cutting my hair and when he was done, it was time for colour! While I knew I'd grey hairs, with going shorter I was quite shocked at how much grey there actually was! 

When the colour was complete Damian returned to dry my hair and explained the cut in more detail to me and the best way for me to dry it and I felt more at ease with my decision. 
If I'm honest as Damian cut my hair I thought I'd made a big mistake! When I saw the final result though, I knew the change I made was a great one! 

Tah Dah! 

As I drove home I got anxious again wondering what my children and husband would think! As I opened the door my son who's nearly 4 smiled with delight that I was home and told me my hair "looked mad"! Thankfully he meant this in a funny / nice way and was happy with the result as was his little sister and more importantly so was my husband! 

I must say for the day I couldn't stop checking myself out! I was taking a selfie or two also as my husband and I drove to see Leinster versus Glasgow Warriors that evening in the RDS to celebrate our anniversary. 

 Journey to the match! 

 Short Hair and Cold weather means a hat now! 

The one thing I'm still getting used to is the crazy bed head in the morning! After a shower and some TLC, I'm ready to rock my new look! I'm trying out VO5's soft moulding wax to keep my hair in shape for the day! 

1st Morning of my new look! Crazy Bed Head! 

What do you think? Was I crazy? Or do you think I made the right choice? 

I'd love to know what your favourite hair products are? Have you ever made a drastic hairstyle change?

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