Monday 27 April 2015

Review: The Story Bus

On Saturday I was invited to get on board The Story Bus with Abracadabra School for Creative Kids. You may have already learned in my review of their Chrismas Show 
(which you can read here) in December that Abracadabra is all about interactive learning and experiencing. When I received the invitation to review The Story Bus I must say I was quite excited.

The Story Bus is aimed at 2 years plus so with that in mind I thought it best to let my daughter stay at home and have some fun with her dad (she's just 15 months) and myself and and my son could have some "Mum & Son" time! 

So, what is The Story Bus?

Image from Story Bus

The Story Bus is about a journey into the literary. You hop on a bus and from their the experience begins! Our Story Bus was about a trip into the Fairy StoryWhen I told him what we were doing that day he was very excited and our departure time couldn't some quickly enough! 

"Come and meet the fairies, learn about their habits and life! 
Discover your own calling and how to follow it."

We met the bus at the Ibis Hotel, Dublin at 2pm and once we set off the story and interaction began. The journey began with a song and some music and then the Storyteller (Katie) brought us into the magical world of the fairies as we travelled to Russborough House

Images from Story Bus

Throughout the journey their was audience participation within the story which was quite fun. Even my son who's 3 while he was distracted by the view out the window still took part with his "chirp, chirp" of the birds and shaking of the bushes within the story. 

Without spoiling the Fairy story in brief it is about how the fairies needed to stop the Witch from taking their food and their teacher! 

When we arrived at Russborough House, it was time for us to get our maps and find where the fairies lived and also the witches broom! While the day was wet it didn't dampen our spirits as we followed the trail. We were well wrapped up and ready for some fun. 

Image from Story Bus


As we followed the trail, I loved watching my son as he splashed in the puddles as all 3 year old boys do as we were on the hunt for fairies! Along the trail there were the fairies watch towers before we crossed the bridge to where the fairies lived. There was great excitement from all as they discovered each fairy house and of course the witches broom. 

We spent sometime playing about and looking at the fairies houses before we ventured back to get a well earned drink and nibble in the coffee shop before our departure. On a drier day there is a lovely playground for the kids to play in,  a picnic area and the Maze too. The adults aren't forgotten either with various Artisans you can visit such as the Forge,a Wood Turner and Artists to name a few. 

Image from Story Bus

On the journey home their was music once again and the Storyteller spoke of our trip and about discovering you calling and following it. Each child received a feather and as they blew the feather, it would give them the power they needed to follow their own calling. When you didn't need it you placed it somewhere safe until you did. 

In all the journey is four hours with departure from the Ibis Hotel at 2pm and arrival back at the hotel at 6pm. This then gives you about 2 hours to hunt for the fairies houses and walk around the beautiful grounds of Russborough at your leisure. 

The Story Bus will begin their first official Fairy Story Trips this weekend 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May and the tickets can be purchased here
I must say I really enjoyed the day as did my son. He's still humming the fairy song we heard on our journey and delighted to tell all about his journey on the bus. 

While I'm not 100% as to how the price compares to similar events, I will leave that for your to decide. The tickets are currently €25 each of €80 for a family ticket (This is for 4 and can be a combination of 1 Adult and 3 kids etc)
You can visit The Story Bus Facebook page too here where you can receive a 25% off offer. 

You can read Abracadabra's review of the day here

What are you plans for the May Bank Holiday weekend? Will you hop on board The Story Bus? 

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