Friday 13 February 2015

Getting the Right Fit!

It may seem quite sad but since writing From Loose fitting to Fabulous all I can do is dream about my upcoming shopping spree and the clothes that await me! I'm loving all the new looks that are being posted on both Lennon Courtney and Siopaella's Facebook pages and I'm imagining them in my own wardrobe for me to wear! 
Before I visit Lennon Courtney and Siopaella I've one very important stop to make first!

So why Peaches & Cream?

Well, for me where you wear underneath is just as important as what you wear on the outside! Over the years I've seen Sinead Sanderson owner of Peaches & Cream on many TV fashion slots and she really is the "Go to" for underwear and as you can see from this article in she's passionate about her business.  

I know if I want to look even more fabulous in my new wardrobe, I need my underwear to fit correctly! If I'm honest it's over 6 years since I was measured correctly and its terrible that I've left it so long. Each time you buy a bra you should get measured as our bodies are always changing. I know since having my two children and with weight loss my body shape has changed a lot which means so has my bra size! 
When I was measured properly all those years ago I felt great afterwards. Having the correct fitting bra is so important and can really change the look of an outfit! Where I had blouses looking as if I was going to burst out of them, they were fitting better and I felt great wearing them! 

While I'm small in height, I'm not so small in my chest and I envy those who can pop into anywhere and pick up a nice bra easily and at a great price. For me its not so easy and it can be difficult to get something that's a good price and looks nice. While a bra serves a purpose, we want it to look good too so we feel good! In the past I've spent about €35 - €40 on average per bra so when I'm spending the money, I want it to be the right size and look nice of course!! 

Peaches and Cream have some fantastic brands available in their shop some of which I've worn in the past such as Freya and Fantasie

Peaches and Cream have a something to suit all shapes and sizes including shape wear to show you off in all the right places!! 

Pop over to their Website for a visit for some Fitting Advice and if your in the area make an appointment to get yourself fitted! Its a free service and something us ladies really should avail of more often! 

I'm really looking forward to finally popping in soon for a visit, getting fitted and having a splurge on the correct fitting underwear! 

So, while my shopping spree still may be some months off, the planning is certainly coming together! Now I just need to plan where to get a nice cup of coffee and Lunch! Any recommendations?


  1. I really need to get measured! I'm so lost since La Senza closed down! Really makes a difference having the right size :)

  2. Awe great to have something to look forward to! Can't wait to buy some new clothes myself soon but not excited bout the actual shopping lol I'm so not a shopper lol (unless it's for handbags or purses, im obsessed with them lol) great post hun xx}

  3. Thanks hun!
    It's forever since I've been on a good spree so I'm enjoying the planning ;-)