Saturday 28 February 2015

#YourAnInspiration - Jillian Godsil

It really is true when they say "We live in a small world". Today's #YourAnInspiration is Jillian Godsil. I first knew Jillian as a customer of an IT company I worked for some years ago and recently we have met again via the virtual world on a Facebook group page we are both members of. 

Jillian is a freelance journalist with the business pages in The Sunday Independent and an ad hoc op-ed contributor with The Irish Independent. She has written for most of the Irish broadsheets, tabloids, print and online media. Her background is in PR, running her own business in Ireland for twenty years. 

Take a look at Jillian's blog where you will learn how she overcame debt and of her running for Public Service. 

1) Why is inspiration important to you?

Inspiration is the most important thing in my life. Without inspiration I would not have the energy or the joy to try new things, meet new challenges and to fight the good fight

2) Who inspires you?

Many people inspire me. My mother inspires me. My family inspire me. I am blessed to have met people in my life that really knock my socks off – Joan Freeman of Pieta House, Phil Brennan of the Island of Ireland Peace Choir, Peter McVerry of the Peter McVerry Trust, Senator David Norris, President Emeritus Mary McAleese, and Sonny Gregan my local shopkeeper who always has a smile on his face.

3) What inspires you?

Determination, Intelligence, Compassion, Laughter

4) Who would you love to meet and have a chat with?

Michael Fassbender (or is that not allowed here!!)

5) What was the best news you received in the last 12 months?

That I was honoured to get 11,500 votes in the European Elections after I changed the law to allow me to run 

6) What’s the one thing that puts a “silly” grin on your face?

Father Ted 

7) What’s your inspirational Quote?

"Ever onwards and upwards, maybe sideways but never backwards" – My Mum

8) What advice would you give to others in the hope of inspiring them?

Keep on going. It is true that things are darkest just before the dawn. You just need to keep on going even when you feel you have run out of road, that you have nothing left to give, and when you think hope is in scare supply. 

While that sounds a bit glum, it is easy to keep going when things are good; it is very tough to do the same when everything is going against you. One foot after the other and laugh a bit if you can.

9) Anything you’d like to add?

Laughter is the best antidote to loss of hope and the best accompaniment to ridiculous and bountiful inspiration. Keep on laughing and you won’t get lost

I would like to thank Jillian for taking part in this months #YourAnInspiration 
Don't forget to check out her blog and learn more about this inspirational lady. 

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