Monday 23 February 2015

Review - imPRESS Nails

Its been some time since I've had a professional manicure so when I received the imPRESS Nails I was quite excited to try them out and put them to the test! 

Within the pack there are 24 nail covers in varying sizes and as per the instructions they can be applied in minutes and last up to one week. 

I firstly chose a suitable size for my nails and lined them up as suggested. Where a perfect match cannot be found, it is recommended to choose a smaller size. 

Before applying the nail, you firstly need to cleanse the nail with the enclosed prep pad. Each Nail cover has a tab on the back which you peel off and then apply the nail cover firmly to your nail. I found on a couple of the nail covers it was difficult to peel the tab easily. On one I had separated the "glue" from one of the nail covers but thankfully, I'd another to replace it with from the 14 left. 

The "glue" is very quick to take hold so it is important that you take care to place the nail correctly before pressing firmly and applying pressure for the the nail cover to hold. 

I must say once I got into the swing of it, it took maybe 10 - 15 minutes to place them all on which I thought quite good considering my son was asking me questions as to what I was doing! 3 year old love their questions!   

My first impressions were that they looked great. I wouldn't be a fan of purple in general but I must say I thought the colour was vibrant and the shine was fantastic. I was curious to see how they would handle my daily routine!

For me, a typical day as a stay at home mum is all about routine of a variety of chores including washing up, cleaning, mopping floors and at this time of the year cleaning the fire each morning and getting in the turf / coal for the day. Not a very glamorous job but neither is changing nappies which is another lovely task I've to do! 

How did I get on?

So as the days went on after about 30 hours I began to loose a nail cover and by day five I was down to just five nail covers between each hand. 

Not great you may be thinking to yourself considering they are to last up to a week. Well, I think with all they had to handle they did pretty good. Plus with my daughter waking from her nap as I was half way through meant I didn't have the time to press as firmly on my right hand. 

On day five with me being left with just the five nails, I decided to peel them off. I was quite surprised as how strong still the "glue" was but with a little persuasion, they came off with ease. 


So while the nails didn't last up to a week I did feel considering what they were put through that they lasted very well. I certainly would purchase these and starting at €8.50 in Boots I think it is great value if you are going to an event or just want to glam up your nails in minutes with ease. 

I'm looking forward to putting these "bad boys" on for an upcoming wedding! This time though I will make sure I'm in a distraction free environment and the fire is cleaned first! 

Check out my friend Sara's up coming review on Where is my mind gone? and see how she got on with her imPRESS nails! 

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