Friday 27 February 2015

Something Old, Something New and On the Hunt for!

Since I began blogging in November 2014, I've discovered a lot of great blogs and have learned I seem to be totally behind when it comes to all things beauty! I've quite enjoyed reading different bloggers "must haves" and it made me think .... wonder, what are mine?

Something Old! 

So for me, these are two things that I must have at all times! 


No matter what the time of year, my lips cannot go a day without some form of lip balm. During the Autumn / Winter especially they can crack so easily if I don't use any product. While over the years I have tried numerous lip balms I always come back to the reliable  Carmex! 
For me I feel a little goes a long way and it acts quickly re-hydrating my lips and at €2.79* for a 10ml tube I think it is great value and quality for the money. 


For me this is something that should be in every beauty cupboard. During my pregnancies especially during the first and second trimesters my skin became quite inflamed and agitated on my face. When this happened, straight away I reached for some honey and hey presto, in no time, I was back to a glowing me! 
Not only during my pregnancies have I used honey but also, when I feel my skin needs a lift especially during the winter cold or hot summer sun (when we get it!). 
I think sometimes we can be very quick to go to a shelf in the supermarket or chemist before checking what's in our own kitchen cupboard! 
As we all know there are a variety of honey's on the market and for me in the past I've gone for a standard honey and achieved great results. Prices range from €1.79* for 340g of Every Day Value Clear Honey to €17.25* for 400g+250g of Watson and Son Manuka Honey

Honey has so many natural benefits and can be used in so many ways. Check out Women's Health article here for 11 different uses of honey! A use I didn't know was for your cuticles which I will be trying out. 

Something New 

Garnier Mineral Invisi Dry Roll on

I don't know about you, but for me a good deodorant is like the Holy Grail. As a stay at home mum, I'm quite active during the day with my two kiddies running about, going for walks and getting things done about the house. For me, I want a deodorant that will work and that I don't feel I've to top up throughout the day to feel fresh. 
I've tried numerous deodorants and could not find one that made me feel fresh until now!

I have to thank my husband for this find. When he was going to the shops recently I told him to pick me up "any auld deodorant" and he came home with this the Garnier ... at €3.35*. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This is something I've only recently tried out after reading some recent reviews in a number of blogs, I thought I need to give this a go!
So far so good but I haven't given it a good try yet so the verdict is still out there! Its currently priced at €7.13* for 400ml but I know there are often special offers in local chemists where I got mine at about €5.49 in Marron's Pharmacy

On the hunt for

At 38 years young, I'm still on the hunt for some products that I will have in my daily / weekly routine and some of them I must say are difficult for me to find the right one! 

So here's my list!

  • Day cream - I'm looking for something that will hold back the years a little ... a lot, and is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Night cream - Again, like the day cream, I'd like to begin a good night care routine and hopefully hold back the years!
  • Face Mask - I think my skin deserves some TLC and if I'm going to hunt down that perfect day and night cream its only fair I give it some additional TLC with the occasional face mask
  • Foundation - I've a few I'm currently trying so this is a "Work in progress" for me 
  • Body Scrub - I'd like something that is effective and is easy to use in the shower. While I want to make some "pamper" time for myself, I don't always have the time with two little ones

I'd love to hear what your currently using or what you would recommend for me to try out?

*Prices correct as per 27th February '15
Product images used from

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